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Grasp opportunity for Climate Action Party of Aotearoa

by | 25 Aug 1947 | Climate mobilisation | 0 comments

‘The New Fire’ poster

Zero-carbon Solutions Hiding in Plain Sight: Just as Wellington is trashing its zero-carbon bus infrastructure, rather than modernise with battery-assisted trolleybuses, green ideologues stand righteously on the throat of the one technology essential to saving a survival climate. In Wellington’s case, it is a classic case of infrastructure—the electrical grid—neglect thanks to the patent, abject paucity of unchallenged neoclassical economics. Meanwhile, the notion that renewables can provide future electricity needs relies on a mixture of blind optimism and a reduction in demand, whereas the existential necessity is to electrify everything that can be electrified, beginning with road and rail, but including ports and airports. But the subject even more taboo than fast-breeder reactors is overpopulation, and a unavoidability of a human breeding moratorium, which would only take a few years to radically reduce the demand for fossil fuel, steel and cement. image Generation Films

A green economy won’t ward off an unsurvivable climate.

In fairness, there is no longer any guarantee that it’s not already too late for any human intervention to prevent the onset of Hothouse Earth.

Every additional day wasted increases the chance that, once drought and deluge become sufficiently destructive that desperate geoengineering measures will be resorted to that bring with them high levels or risk.

What is beyond debate is that fossil-fuel emissions must be rapidly, radically reduced. It will only be with the benefit of hindsight that it will be known whether the most radical decarbonisation imaginable was sufficient, at this late stage to avert suffering on a scale that dwarfed the world was and the Spanish flu epidemic combined.

It is profoundly ironic that even the most knowledgeable advocates of meaningful climate action, not least of all Dr James Hansen hisself, see solutions through the glass darky of economics. Ironic, because putting the economy ahead of all other considerations, as President Barack Obama did for all the good it did him, is what has allowed the world to sleepwalk towards oblivion for 50 years.

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