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Supporting the supporters: Generous, substantial and on-going support

by 1 Aug 2007Mahurangi West Hall0 comments

Display advertisement: Extensive exotic forest

Above and Beyond: Not only did ‘Hutch’ provide engineering services without charge, he supported the Omaha Pilot Open-Ground Indigenous Plant Nursery with a full-page display advertisement in the January Mahurangi Magazine.

I was scribbling down phone numbers, my slow mind trying desperately to reconcile everything, least of all a woman called Bernie?

This, of course, was Burnette O’Conner of O’Connor Planning Consultants Ltd.

It wasn’t long before we had a site meeting at the Mahurangi West Hall. The enthusiasm these professionals had for each other’s competencies, and for the project, was massively encouraging. It is one thing to beg favours of people for community and heritage causes, but for these busy souls to be quite so generous with their professional services… well, it just made me very glad I’d taken along copies of Jade River: a History of the Mahurangi as a small token of Friends of the Mahurangi’s appreciation.


Footnote I am glad that I didn’t know in 2005, at the time I first called him, that Ian Hutchinson’s firm had already made a major contribution to the Mahurangi West Hall. It was back in 2000, when there were plans for extensive development of the hall property. It wasn’t until working on the conservation plan for the hall that I realised we were double-dipping. Those who know that prince among men, Hutch, will not be surprised to hear he never mentioned the fact.

Link to Ian Hutchinson Consultants Limited website.

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