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Jade River cover

photograph Mahurangi Regatta 1901 Henry Winkelmann Auckland Museum;  linocut Mahurangi River Valerie Pendred;  design David Livingtston CAPS Digital Colour; concept Cimino Cole

Cimino 13 August 2007

Robert Thexton, descendant of Mahurangi shipbuilders, spent his childhood holidays at the beach at Scotts Landing. In common with many Aucklanders, the Mahurangi is Rob Thexton’s favourite place—when buying a copy of Jade River: a History of the Mahurangi, he made an offer along the familiar but ever-welcome lines of: ‘I don’t know what I can do, but I like what you are doing for the Mahurangi, so if there is anything I can do to help…’. No doubt Rob would have been told that it was thanks to the support of the membership, and to the particular generosity of a few, Friends of the Mahurangi Inc. was able to publish Dr Ronald H Locker’s masterful history of ‘the River’.

When hit up for a CharterLinkRobert has since sold the business display advertisement, rather than promote his yacht and launch charter business, Rob Thexton went one better by electing to promote Jade River—the Mahurangi has very good friends indeed.

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