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2008 Mahurangi Regatta

Warkworth riverside dinner could have been regatta

A number of times the Mahurangi Regatta has had to be cancelled. On one occasion, controversially, it was the weather before the regatta, rather than on the day, that caused the cancellation of the shoreside regatta—the unprecedentedly rain-soaked regional park...

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Support for dance ensures survival of the revival

An email from the Weiti Boating Club nicely summarised the sea change: Weiti Boating Club is racing to Mahurangi tonight and we plan to have our club barbecue and prize-giving ashore on Saturday evening at Scotts Landing, as we have done…

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Times to launch and retrieve small boats at Sullivans

Mahurangi Regatta Saturday 26 January Launching 9.00–11.00 am Retrieval 3.30–4.30 pm High tide 10.54 am 1.29 m Except at the regatta, boat launching from trailers at Sullivans is not permitted. Most appreciate that that is the case, and in two senses of the...

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2008 Mahurangi Regatta programme

Event date 26 January 2008 High tide 10:54 (1.29 m) Beach events Friends of the Mahurangi Sailing events Mahurangi Cruising Club Mahurangi Regatta Generally* held at Sullivans Bay *In the event of a strong easterly forecast, at Scotts Landing 9.00 Entries (for sailing...

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Barring a tropical low, all settled for Sullivans

A week away from the Mahurangi Regatta, the venue looks set to stay at Sullivans Bay. With the wind rising this morning and 35‍ ‍knots and heavy rain forecast to peak tomorrow night, it is somewhat reassuring to see that MetVUW’s charts for 26 January, regatta...

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Perennial regatta press gang

Updated 20 January, with gratitude In truth, most who toil at the Mahurangi Regatta are regulars in the spirit of Clive Dunn’s Dad’s Army character: ‘I should like to be the one that volunteers, Suh!’ But the difference between it being a breeze or a bother, for those...

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Jane Gifford supporter gold medallist

Reconstruction of the Jane Gifford received a big boost this week. With the undertaking by Ti Point Vineyard to provide long-term sponsorship, the Jane Gifford Trust will receive a bounty from every bottle of wine the aclaimed vineyard sells. At current volumes, this...

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Wellington support doing Mahurangi proud

For far more than 150 years, the Mahurangi Regatta has been the Mahurangi community’s singular annual event. The after-match functions must have taken many forms, but by the 1940s they had migrated from Scotts Landing to Waiwera’s Gaiety Hall. The reason, of course,...

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