Council checked stormwater outflows

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Leaking Inwards : While, intuitively, most would worry about sewage leaking out of sewers, the bigger problem is fresh water leaking in! Erie County Government

I read A Muddy Brown Colour today and share the concern expressed about farm and urban pollution that flows into the Mahurangi.

I also thought however, that it is worth pointing out one factual error (it might be useful if confronting the council etc.), which concerns the statement that the council has done nothing to mitigate the flow of stormwater into the sewage system.

In 2007 we (and I believe many, if not most Warkworth residents) received a letter saying that the council would be checking our stormwater outflows to make sure they didn’t enter the sewerage system.

I don’t know about other areas of Warkworth, but this check was carried out in our street.

Keep up the good work.

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