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2011 Mahurangi Regatta

Connectivity exemplar saved by Wilma

It may not have proved to be the best advertisement for it. The 2011 Mahurangi Regatta would have been the first under the auspices of the new Auckland Council. And as such, it would have been the perfect opportunity for city hall to demonstrate that it can also do….

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Will to ensure Wilma not wasted

There were just nine apiece in Sullivans, Mita and the Pukapuka. Nine, where of a Mahurangi Regatta morning there would normally have been 90 or more vessels in each of the harbour’s weather‑favoured bays. Wilma maintained her tropical…

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2011 Mahurangi Regatta programme

Event date Saturday 29 January 2011 High tide 16:02 (0.95 m above mean level of sea) Sailing events Cancelled Shoreside events Cancelled All sailing and shoreside events cancelled! Mahurangi Regatta Generally* held at Sullivans Bay *In the event of strong easterly...

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Up with the running sand sculpture rules

It’s right up there with running. Of the perennially popular shoreside events at the Mahurangi Regatta, sand sculpture accounts for nearly as many certificates as the running races—33 were awarded in 2010. Inspired by the creativity of year’s last sculptures,...

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For canine crew members, regatta rules okay

Dogs are welcome at the Mahurangi Regatta, just not everywhere. For example, dogs are not permitted at Sullivans Bay at any time. But next door at Mita Bay dogs can be taken ashore to the beach, so long as they are under direct and continuous…

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Short-handed short term but long-term promising

Most are still in holiday mode. Or if back at work, they are certainly in holiday mode come the weekend, and particularly the long, Auckland Anniversary weekend. Which makes mustering the sixty or so volunteers involved on the day of the Mahurangi Regatta much harder...

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Bareboat charter link to Boxing Day tradition

It’s not the first time Rob Thexton has stepped up. The first and only print edition of the Mahurangi Magazine carried a full-page display advertisement that Rob paid for. But rather than advertise his bareboat charter business, Rob kindly elected to promote sales of...

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La Niña good for neither regatta nor harbour

Much of the mud results from just a few storms. The quantity of sediment reaching the Mahurangi Harbour annually can range from 13‍ ‍000 to 136‍ ‍000 tonnes, reflecting the major rainfall events such as that which accompanied Cyclone Bola. And heavy rainfall events...

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Innovation a proud local tradition

The scow builders would have approved. Their only question would have been, how could it have taken so long? The Mahurangi was an early centre of shipbuilding. The vessels built were mostly coasting schooners and cutters—relatively shallow-draft long-keel craft that...

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January 2011 to see four regatta firsts

Event date Saturday 29 January 2011 High tide 16:02 (0.95 m from mean level of sea) Sailing events Mahurangi Cruising Club Shoreside events Friends of the Mahurangi Latest update It doesn’t get much better. The Friday night race to Mahurangi. The old-style...

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Regatta director a hard man to follow

Regatta Brainstorming 3 March 2010 Venue Mahurangi West Hall Time 7.30–9pm Latest update He was always going to be a hard man to replace. But after 22 years as regatta director, Michael Gordon could be excused for not wishing to serve in the role in his seventieth...

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All sailing and shoreside events scuttled

Updated Friday 28 January 2011 3.17‍ ‍pm The decision wouldn’t be made until shortly after at 6‍ ‍am. On the morning of the Mahurangi Regatta, a ‘cancellation committee’ of three would phone each other and discuss the weather forecast just intoned by a government...

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Editor’s forebear as a foreigner

The following letter has nothing whatsoever to do with the Mahurangi Regatta. The editor’s excuse for publishing it here is that it was written by his great-great-grandfather, and is not otherwise returned by an internet search for “Salvatore Cimino”. And…

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