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2012 Mahurangi Regatta

Sand sculptors’ future too important to chance

Art and the environment make a beautiful combination. This was certainly the case with the regatta Mahurangi Action Sand Sculpture competition. The setting was perfect. Families picnicked beside the golden beach. The ‘Mahurangi-blue’ sea gently lapped at our feet and...

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Master of the Mahurangi seeking resurgence

One of the attractions to the area, when we recently moved to Warkworth, was the excellent opportunity for recreational rowing. Mahurangi Regatta is of course the showplace to see the great variety of boats available. I have been entering the Master of the Mahurangi...

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Mahurangi Regatta 2012 results

Results of the 2012 Mahurangi Regatta, to hand: A Class Line honours Ranger 1st on handicap W Leslie Trophy Waitangi 2nd on handicap Ranger 3rd on handicap Thelma Mahurangi Cup Classic wooden yachts pre-1955 design, excluding A-class Line honours Minerva Cup Thelma...

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Certificates make regatta action more memorable

The 2012 Mahurangi Regatta can be made more memorable. Those who participated in a regatta event are urged to shoot the Mahurangi Magazine an email listing these details: First name (as preferred) Last name Event (e.g. Mahurangi Action Sand Sculpture) Age range (e.g....

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Channelling regatta energy into action on the Mahurangi

The challenge is to channel some of that regatta energy. The hundreds who participate in, and the thousands who spectate at, the Mahurangi Regatta overwhelmingly have three things in common: A love for the harbour, a love for the regional park that hosts it, and a...

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As well as 2011 regatta Cyclone Wilma whacked yearbook

She’s as high-maintenance as her publisher is low-key. The Mahurangi Cruising Club’s annual yearbooks are a gorgeous reflection of the glamour on display at the Mahurangi Regatta, and they are all the nicer for having emanated from an organisation that is famously...

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2012 Mahurangi Regatta programme

Event date Saturday 28 January 2012 High tide 11:41 (1.19 m above mean level of sea) Mahurangi Regatta Generally* held at Sullivans Bay *In the event of strong easterly wind, sailing entries will be taken at Scotts Landing *In the event of strong easterly wind and/or...

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Perennial call for regatta crew

It is still a big ask. Even without the prize-giving dance, there is need to round up 48 volunteers for the shoreside events at Sullivans Bay and Scotts Landing. To man the bar and burger production at Scotts Landing would optimally have required 36 regatta-goers to...

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She’s a hard road finding the perfect regatta sponsor

The Mahurangi Regatta is the perfect showcase for any number of enterprises. Consolidation of the revival of the regatta prize-giving dance was due to the Mahurangi Action Plan, on which the former Auckland Regional Council spent $4‍ ‍million on as a five-year...

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Prize-giving and dance bring-your-own

A good old-fashioned leave-your-wallet-at-home picnic regatta. That was the adamant view of the Friends of the Mahurangi when it revived the Mahurangi Regatta, in 1977. Many of the committee members had experienced the Great Depression, and believed parents of young...

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Connectivity exemplar saved by Wilma

It may not have proved to be the best advertisement for it. The 2011 Mahurangi Regatta would have been the first under the auspices of the new Auckland Council. And as such, it would have been the perfect opportunity for city hall to demonstrate that it can also do….

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