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2014 Mahurangi Regatta programme

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Event date Saturday 25 January 2014
High tide 02:13 (0.87 m above mean level of sea)
Low tide 08:18 (-0.84 m)
High tide 14:29 (0.96 m)
Low tide 20:50 (-1.01 m)
Rodney and Otamatea Times, 1901

First Edition: The 1901 regatta made the inaugural edition of the first Mahurangi-based newspaper titled, since 1990, the Rodney Times. Started by an Australian, and eventually getting to be one of oldest in family ownership in Aotearoa—that of William Thompson Rauparaha Cook, who took the reigns in 1917—the newspaper is back in Australian ownership. Collage Changing Times

Mahurangi Regatta Generally held at Sullivans Bay*
*In the event of strong easterly wind, sailing entries will be taken at Scotts Landing
*In the event of strong easterly wind and/or rain, shoreside events will be cancelled.

The Jane Gifford departs Warkworth
9–11.30 am
Entries (for sailing events and log race)
9–11 am
Launching of trailered boats associated with regatta, at Sullivans Bay
11 am
Shoreside events start—Running, three-legged, sack, spud and spoon, water run, egg throwing—and any other event suggested that seems a good idea at the time! (enter by presenting at starting line)
11 am
Master of the Mahurangi
12.00 pm
The Jane Gifford assumes her station as start boat
1 pm–2 pm
Sailing events (and launch log race) commence
Sailing Programme
Sailing Instructions
Course for strong easterlies
Entry form
1 pm–2.30 pm
Friends of Regional Parks sand sculpture. Prizes for under 7 years, 7 to 11 years, 12 to 16 years, adults—Theme: Regatta and the regional parks
1.30 pm–2.30 pm
Idle Alongs, Mistrals (contact Katharine Sampson), and hopefully many other classes
2.30 pm
Shoreside events resume—dinghy, kayak, open (sit-on) kayak, swimming, blindfold boat, lost-the-dinghy-oars, rowed inflatable etc. (enter by presenting at starting line)
3.30 pm–4.30 pm
Retrieval of trailered boats associated with regatta, at Sullivans Bay
4 pm
4.30 pm
Lolly scramble (grand finale of shoreside events)

Mahurangi Regatta Prize-Giving and Dance
Held at Scotts Landing
Revived by Mahurangi Action in 2004, from 2013 the dance resumed as a regular regatta tradition, thanks largely to the support of the Rodney Local Board. In 2011, ex-tropical cyclone Wilma cancelled the regatta, and in 2012 a combination of mediocre weather a lack of financial support precluded the prize-giving dance.

Free use of gas barbecues—no more ‘bar and burgers’
There is no longer a cash bar or burgers for sale. From 2013, the format returned to that of the prize-giving dance that prevailed before the regatta lapsed during World War Two, when it was on bring-your-own basis. This makes the event much less financially risky, particularly when wild and/or wet weather intervenes.

5.30 pm-ish
The Jane Gifford anchors off beach (visitors welcome)
6.00 pm
Pre-prize-giving trio performs
6.30 pm
Prize giving
7.30 pm
Dance commences: Prohibition Big Band
11 pm
Last dance


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