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2017 Mahurangi Regatta

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the regatta revival by Mahurangi Action

Mahurangi Regatta 2017 results

Friday Night-Race to Mahurangi A Division Line honours Thelma 1st Katrina II 2nd Prize 3rd Thelma 4th Jenanne B Division Line honours Aramoana 1st Aramoana 2nd Jonquil 3rd Corona 4th Frances 5th Kotuku 6th Tango 7th Tucana A Modern Line honours Psyche 1st Psyche 2nd Marionette 3rd Pavo

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Mahurangi Regatta 2017 gallery

Mahurangi Regatta supportersAuckland Council Browns Bay Boating Club Bucklands Beach Yacht Club Citywide Electrical Classic Yacht Association Devonport Yacht Club Friends of Regional Parks Gulf Harbour Yacht Club ICIB Insurance Brokers Mahurangi Cruising Club—host...

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Small buoys create Sullivans Bay fairway

It may take a year or two to take. The aim is to provide a fairway to allow craft to race or parade past the beach, so as to provide shoreside spectators with aspectacle. At this year’s Mahurangi Regatta, as well as the four-decade-long practice of buoying…

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Regatta revival looks at forty

This month’s Mahurangi Regatta marks the 40th anniversary of the venerable event’s revival. Founded as Friends of the Mahurangi three years earlier, Mahurangi Action revived the regatta in 1977—the event had lapsed during World War II. Planned as a one-off, the...

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2017 Mahurangi Regatta programme

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the regatta revival by Mahurangi Action Regatta Day Saturday 28 January 2017 Friday Night-Race to Mahurangi 3‍ ‍pm Classic A and Modern Classics 3.05‍ ‍pm Classic B and Woollacott Series 3.10 ‍pm B Division – Hyslop Cup 6 ‍pm A...

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