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Short-handed shuttle and last Scotts ferry

by | 26 Jan 2018 | Regatta 2018 | 2 comments

Free shuttle bus 900 metres sign

One Sailed In: This only a fraction of the fleet that had arrived by 7.30 pm Friday, but hasty attempt to record the elegance of this ketch, as she, alone, arrived under sail. Tomorrow, for the first time since the team of weary gourmet-burger-and-cash-bar volunteers needed to be transported home—before the event when determinedly and categorically bring-your-own—a Scotts Landing – Mahurangi West free shuttlebus is being advertised. image Mahurangi Magazine

As regular readers of the Mahurangi Magazine well know, this writer won’t be content until a cross-harbour ferry is instituted.

This would benefit locals, Mahurangi Coastal Trail walkers, and be an absolute boon and delight generally, but particularly during the Mahurangi Regatta.

Last year the waters were tested with the services of the Shuckle Ferry, and this year a different, ex-Mahurangi Technical Institute vessel, commences earlier, beginning at 9.30 am. That is the good news, but vessel to be used, it has just been realised, is not certified to operate after dark. However, as luck would have it, the free regatta shuttlebus that operates from ‘midday to midnight’ at Scotts Landing, was due to return, otherwise empty, to Mahurangi West, so any ferry passengers who find themselves compelled to dance into the night, came return home the long way, with its astonishing sight, from Mahurangi West ridge road, of the harbour brimming, shore-to-shore, with a thousand riding lights.

The final ferry schedule is yet to be determined, but this brief article will be updated when it has been:

9.30–11.30 am
Free ferry operates between Scotts Landing wharf and northern end of Sullivans BayContact Jim Dollimore on +6421812238 or Cimino Cole on +64274624872
2–4 pm
Free ferry operates between the northern end of Sullivans Bay and Scotts Landing wharfContact Jim Dollimore on +6421812238 or Cimino Cole on +64274624872

While waiting for that to happen, those interested in availing themselves of either service are encouraged to join the text list to receive updates: +64274624872

Meantime, Mahurangi West resident Lex Marshall has kindly volunteered for the late afternoon – early evening shift as shuttlebus driver—a contemporary demonstration of Mahurangi’s legendary hospitality.

Buon regatta!

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