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Jackson daughters’ double wedding

by | 13 Mar 2018 | History | 0 comments

Jackson double wedding, 1904

Front row: Third from left is Arthur Coe, Coralie Geary Jackson, the marriage celebrant, Joseph Clarke, then Olive Jackson. Readers with knowledge of this photograph are urged to help identify the other nearly fifty faces. photograph Cameron Bourgeois family archive

Attached is a copy of a photograph given to me recently by my grandmother.

My grandmother is a descendant of the Jackson family and John Sullivan. The photograph might be of interest to the Mahurangi Magazine as it contains images of many early characters of the Mahurangi.

It records the 1904 double wedding of Coralie (Cora) Jackson and Arthur Coe, and Olive Jackson and Joseph Clarke. My grandmother says this wedding took place at the Jackson homestead in Ōtarawao Bay. There are many people in attendance, probably many of the Jackson and Sullivan families, and potentially other Mahurangi characters from further afield.

We’ve only been able to confirm the identities of the two wedded couples: In the middle is Arthur Coe and Coralie Geary Jackson. On the bottom right is Joseph Clarke, third from the right, and Olive Jackson, second from the right. In the third row back, almost directly behind Cora there is a man that resembles William Sullivan, the uncle of the brides. A woman nearby could be his wife at the time, Miriama Houkura (daughter of Makoare Ponui), and/or their daughter Miriam Davis, cousin of the brides.

Elsewhere in this photograph would be William Benjamin Jackson and his wife Julia. At the time of this photo William Benjamin Jackson would be about 64, Julia would be about 58, and William Sullivan would be about 56. The man to the left of William Sullivan could be his brother in-law and father of the brides, William Benjamin Jackson, as he appears to be around the right age of 64.

Presumably most of William and Julia’s children would be in attendance. The youngest, the twins Herman and Cecil would be about 14 years old. The eldest, Julia junior about 34. There could also be some of the Coe and Clarke families in the mix, though from what I gather they were both much smaller families.

If anyone in can help confirm any of the identities in the photograph, we’d love to hear from you.

Jacksons Bay Before it came to be called Sullivans Bay, Ōtarawao was known as Jacksons Bay, from the residency of William Benjamin Jackson, who married Julia née Sullivan—daughter of settler John Sullivan and Merehai, and widow of William Benjamin Short.

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