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stv-elect first Mayor of Mahurangi

by 11 Oct 2019Local, STV0 comments

Ayla Walker, Warkworth market, Oaks on Neville

First Mayor of Mahurangi: Rodney Local Board candidate Ayla Walker sportingly agreed to be the first person nominated as Mayor of Mahurangi and persuaded some of her fellow local-board candidates to similarly accept nomination. image Mahurangi Matters

Vote early and often to elect the first mayor of Mahurangi—of course, only the latest vote an individual casts will count. Because somebody votes early, they shouldn’t later be penalised when some late-breaking information causes them to revise their preferences:

Voting for the next Mayor of Mahurangi is always open, provided at least one nomination has been received.

Nominate someone as Mayor of Mahurangi

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