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2020 Mahurangi Regatta

…celebrating the 20th Mahurangi Cruising Club yearbook

Mahurangi Regatta 2020 results combined list to come

Results are ordered alphabetically by division, then by handicap place within each division. However, for those desiring an overall picture of the day’s racing, a combined-fleet list ordered by elapsed time will, in time, be appended below the division placings…

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Regatta 2020 lost, found and thanked

Effusive thanks have been lavishing the organisers, sponsors, and volunteers from even before Saturday’s Mahurangi Regatta began, but also in its immediate aftermath: ”Thanks mate. Such an awesome event—huge congrats to everyone involved…

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Valiant and virtuous volunteer regatta crew

Virtually ahead of every regatta, the need for volunteers is ventilated. But to avoid repeating this year’s last-minute scrabble to make up an apparent shortfall, several measures are being planned. The first is to augment the ‘This Saturday’s Mahurangi Regatta needs volunteers…

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2020 Mahurangi Regatta programme

Programme for the 2019 Mahurangi Regatta was unique in that it included the first Up the Mahu! parade to Warkworth. Tides prevented a repeat in 2020, and indeed will only really favourable twice between now and the end of the decade…

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