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Mahurangi Action Plan planning

Planning that preceded the publication of the Mahurangi Action Plan

Old Masonic Hall to see new public forum

Local government reform always provokes vociferous reaction. The Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, regardless of how democratically or otherwise it proceeded was always going to aggrieve a goodly percentage of the region. The semi-rural periphery in particular,... read more

Scientist suggests grass up the beach

It is synonymous with summer at the beach. Swimming, interspersed with luxuriating in the warm, soft, dry sand of the beach. Increasingly though, the reality is hard-packed sand all the way to the seawall. The practice of building near the shoreline was always going... read more

Final approval calls for a little dedication

In the event, it took about two minutes. Thirty-five years ago the then county council wasn’t interested, when single-term councillor John Male urged it. Nor was Rodney District Council, when, on innumerable subsequent occasions, Mahurangi Actionthen known as Friends... read more

It’s official, the action plan is half-official

A dozen years would have been an insufferable delay. Three dozen, for some, a lifetime. But as of Tuesday, Friends of the Mahurangi founding chairman John Male’s vision for a Mahurangi plan is formally endorsed by the Auckland Regional Council,in the form of the... read more

Plan for Mahurangi a million miles away

For the first time in more than 150 years, the Mahurangi is about to have a plan. But it won’t much resemble the last one, which was essentially a subdivision to form ‘Mahurangi Township’. Charles Heaphy VC supervised the survey, and such was his enthusiasm for the... read more

Link Waiwera with coastal cycle trail

It’s just what the heart surgeon ordered. Infrastructure for a healthy citizenry and a healthy tourist industry: The New Zealand Cycle Trail—that refreshing, if belated, large-scale antidote to the arrant nonsense pedalled for decades that Aotearoa had to have casinos... read more

Only draft but lookout for action

The Mahurangi Action Plan is in action already. Despite being only in draft form, publication has boosted one of the projects proposed in the Mahurangi Action Plan. Mahurangi West farmer Mike Neil was catching up on some reading during a period of physical idleness... read more

A launch a première and call that a celebration

The venue could not have been better. It had location. The Mahurangi Magazine e-mailed a last-minute heads up that the bar was opening at 5.30pm. (This was later amended further to 5pm but a second email might have sent a message of unseemly preoccupation with drink!)... read more

Draft plan partly there in black and white

It is partly symbolic. Copies of the draft Mahurangi Action Plan that are pawed over, on Monday night, will not have been printed in colour. While printing in black and white reduces cost and conserves non-renewable resources, the main motivation was to send a strong... read more

Last-minute changes cause to plan for celebration

Aucklanders are Mahurangi Harbour’s best friends… …and, potentially, its worst enemies. Individually, Aucklanders would turn Mahurangi into Mangawhai. Collectively, with regional governance, they will protect that value they and the locals hold dear: The sense of... read more

Invitation to the launch of the draft plan

Draft Mahurangi Action Plan Launch Monday 31 May 6–8pm Venue Mahurangi River Winery, 162 Hamilton Road (off Sandspit Road) After many workshops and much hard work together drafting the Mahurangi Action Plan (a strategic plan for the catchment 2010–2030), we are very... read more

Matrix can help save landscape and planet

Saving the planet was once a euphemism for environmental prissiness. Much better to look after numero uno, one’s family, the community or, at a pinch, the local environment. But that has changed dramatically due to the diminishing window of opportunity to mitigate,... read more

Mahurangi landscape and the matrix

The best is still left till last. But landscape was almost left off entirely, as a separate workshop topic—bumped by regional council enthusiasm to introduce a matrix method of determining which actions ticked, as it were, which boxes. The surprise move met determined... read more

Mahurangi soon to see dawn of plan

The best has been left till last: Landscape. Landscape is the Mahurangi’s greatest asset. Not only is it a harbourscape of outstanding natural beauty, Mahurangi is unique in having an emphatically rural landscape, in spite of being the first natural harbour north of... read more

Avoid ‘dredging’ with access code

Dredging, by definition, is a dirty business. Which is why the draft working paper addressing the issue uses the code access. While many will see this as inexcusable political correctness, it is actually entirely sound to define the objective, rather than just one... read more

Copenhagen cue for catchment as climate action showcase

Climate action is set to become the only game in town. Which could leave the Mahurangi starved of funds for reducing its elevated sediment accumulation rate. But rather than compete with climate action projects, the Mahurangi is perfectly positioned to be a climate... read more

No room for global warming elephant in the harbour

Work is proceeding apace on the first-ever collaborative Mahurangi plan. The decision to embrace the production of a holistic plan did not come quickly or easy for the Auckland Regional Council. Having discovered, somewhat inadvertently, that the harbour was in dire... read more

First workshop focuses on the how and the who

The first was always going to be the most fraught. This in spite of the objective of the workshops being very simple: To put the plan in the Mahurangi Action Plan, collaboratively. The plan itself is straightforward, if the premise is accepted that it should... read more

Brunel’s biggest groupie

Letter I believe I may be one of Mr I K Brunel’s biggest groupies. I’ve done them all, the railway, the ship, the office, the grave. He’s the greatest of the greats. I happen to travel Brunel’s line to Cardiff once a week for work and we’ve just had a holiday in... read more

Naming rites

Letter Come on guys, let’s not get too carried away here. With respect, ‘initiative strategy’ sounds like Wellington-speak for ‘thinking ahead’. Try Mahurangi Protection Plan. Unequivocal, all embracing and durable.   Editor’s note Mark allows that protection... read more

No glaring acronyms here

Letter Firstly, you must be congratulated on the excellent online Mahurangi Magazine—it continues to be of interest and relevance. Thank you for allowing us to share it; we love it. You asked for comment on the title Mahurangi Initiative Strategy. Here is my small... read more

‘We’ name you: Mahurangi Initiative Strategy

Mahurangi Breakfast Club Fridays 7.30–8.30am Ducks Crossing Café The Auckland Regional Council has signalled its support for the collaborative development of a strategic planfor the Mahurangi. Although the regional council envisages that the plan will be entirely... read more

The strength of hope-based networks

Letter Thanks for the opportunity to attend the Mahurangi Initiative forum. It was a great gathering, very interesting and I echo Marcus Shipton’s comments—a great group of people all positively engaged in the important subjects at hand affecting our beautiful... read more

A long way in thirty-five years

A water right application in 1974 served as the rallying call. It precipitated the formation of Friends of the Mahurangi, on 17 December that year. And that its inaugural meeting was held barely a week before Christmas gives a fair indication as to how het up the... read more

A network for Mahurangi restoration and enjoyment

Four years to the day. When folk meet for the first time as the ‘Mahurangi Initiative Forum’, on 23 February 2009, it will be precisely four years since the Wenderholm meeting that was held to discuss the formation of a Mahurangi catchment trust. At first glance, a... read more

Likely look of a Mahurangi unplanned

Doing nothing is always an option. And while doing nothing has already been rejected in favour of collaboratively developing a long-term plan, it is important record where the Mahurangi is otherwise currently headed. Three conspicuous changes have occurred to the... read more

Mahurangi Action Plan discussion beyond 2009

As you may be aware, we recently held a community workshop on the future of the Mahurangi Action Plan. We had a great turnout, with lots of engaged, lively discussion. The focus of that evening was on what the next phase of Mahurangi Action Plan might look like,... read more

Action plan discussion back at the Old Masonic

It will be just one month shy of four years. The last public Mahurangi Action Plan discussion, with Auckland Regional Council involvement, took place on October 2004—and also at the Old Masonic Hall. There was an intervening gathering, in February 2005, but with no... read more

A Mahurangi initiative: Yes we can

…in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope. I’d been struggling with how to simply and succinctly explain what the Mahurangi Magazine and the Mahurangi initiative is, or might be. Ideally, just visiting the website should be... read more

Beyond the action plan rules of engagement

Updated 10 January 2008 The Mahurangi Action Plan has officially entered a new and crucial phase— one in which even the name may change. At a meeting of its environmental management committee, on 11 December, the Auckland Regional Council endorsed the engagement... read more

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