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Agricultural emissions

Proposed zero-carbon bill submission

Comment on the proposed zero-carbon bill closes at 5 pm on 19 July. The following pro forma is provided by the Mahurangi Magazine in the earnest hope that the resultant legislation is exponentially more substantive than a zero-carbon-by-2050-target…

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Loyal opposition reaches oblivious conclusion

It was a stroke of unintended brilliance, which has blighted democracy ever since. When John Cam Hobhouse coined the term loyal opposition, in jest, he could’ve had no inkling he would help dignify 190 years of two-party parliaments, where…

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Emissions messiah misses agricultural greenhouse gases

On the face of it, New Zealanders have a light carbon footprint. Even Dr James Hansen, in his open letter to the prime minister, says that: New Zealand contributes relatively little to carbon emissions that drive climate change. Per‍ ‍capita fossil fuel emissions from...

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Global alliance news is as good as it gets

It may not always seem like it. Nevertheless, the editorial policy of the Mahurangi Magazine is for it be good-news publication. But that is good-news, as opposed to head-in-the-sand news, when it comes to inconvenient truths. The successful inaugural conference of...

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Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen accord

Appearances can be deceptive. Copenhagen 18 December 2009, might not have looked and sounded like a turning point in history. But time determines what constitutes a moment in history, not the preconceived expectations of conference critics.…

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The good news on good-news carbon

Tuesday’s Rodney Times carried an article that had Friends of the Mahurangi executive member Mike Neil highly encouraged: ‘Some good news on carbon, at last!’ Had I seen it? No, but I needed little excuse to put off completing some long-overdue administration chores...

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