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Join the Mahurangi film society

Joining the Mahurangi film society Commencing regular screenings in 2020 If you would potentially attend, or are aboard for any of the roles listed below, please leave your name and email: Name* First Last Email* What role?Just love to attend, when I canHappy to help...
Mahurangi Action turning 45 – 2019 annual report

Mahurangi Action turning 45 – 2019 annual report

On 17 December, Mahurangi Action will be 45. This, indubitably, calls for a five-year plan to ensure all that reasonably can be, is achieved—for the Mahurangi, global climate and everything—before the organisation hits its half-centennialquinquagenary seems too...
stv-elect first Mayor of Mahurangi

stv-elect first Mayor of Mahurangi

Vote early and often to elect the first mayor of Mahurangi—of course, only the latest vote an individual casts will count. Because somebody votes early, they shouldn’t later be penalised when some late-breaking information causes them to revise their preferences: Vote...

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