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Warkworth riverside dinner could have been regatta

A number of times the Mahurangi Regatta has had to be cancelled. On one occasion, controversially, it was the weather before the regatta, rather than on the day, that caused the cancellation of the shoreside regatta—the unprecedentedly rain-soaked regional park...

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28–29 September River Magic

Yesterday, the curtain went up on the Magic River, a show that uses dance, drama and puppets to tell the story of our local rivers. Follow the adventures of the raindrops as they journey down the Mahurangi River in the company of Tree Guardian and Lily. Meet the...

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Friends sponsor children to River Magic theatre

Today and tomorrow, local theatre company Magic Earth Theatre is holding four performances of its unique River Magic. This promises to be a delight, and it is totally dedicated the restoration of the Mahurangi. Deniece Gannaway, the vision, producer and director...

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