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Mahurangi Coastal Trail

The Mahurangi Coastal Trail will link 900 hectares of regional parkland, with public transport at Waiwera, and the concept has already helped to ensure Te Muri remains car-free forever.

President’s report

The planned fivefold increase in population of its tidehead town is critical to the future of the Mahurangi watershed. If, within a couple of decades, a town of more than 20 000 has an attractive, swimmable river as the hero element of a broad linear park,...

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Minimum impact 100% river-powered

In one respect, it could not be easier. Build a coastal trail linking three regional parks, all on publicly owned land. However, if it had in fact been easy, it would have happened soon after Mahurangi Action first suggested it, three decades ago. The...

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Coastal trail and the river-mouth ferry

The urge to walk the coastline is as old as humankind. Within three years, the 4500-kilometre England Coast Path will be opened, initiated in 2014 under a Conservative – Liberal Democrat government. Aotearoa is geographically twice…

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Criteria for crossing revisited

The principal objective of the Mahurangi Coastal Trail is to provide primary access to Te Muri. , Wenderholm Regional Park receives an estimated 225 362 visitors per year, and Mahurangi Regional Park...

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Te Muri officially car-free forever

If they understood the momentousness of their decision, there was no outward indication. On Tuesday morning, Auckland Council, without discussion, voted to adopt the recommendations of the independent commissioners on Te Muri. Given that between its purchase in 1973...

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Criteria for non-footbridge crossing

  There were good and obvious reasons for considering a footbridge. But there were also a good many reasons why a footbridge across the Pūhoi Estuary, as part of the long-proposed Mahurangi Coastal Trail, was a less-than-optimal solution. Firstly, it would have...

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Fire station Givealittle-athon dry run for coastal trail

  Mahurangi West has a lot to thank Pūhoi for. Historically, it was one of only two achievable watering holes. Locals, on reaching the Notice Tree, would know whether to head to Pūhoi, or to Waiwera, to find the evening’s frivolities. This year, support from the...

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Car-free Te Muri no mirage

The indications were entirely auspicious, even before the wrap-up. Then the commissioners, who had just finished hearing submissions on the future development of Te Muri, outlined the points they expected Auckland Council’s planning officers to cover in further...

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Convince the commissioners and Te Muri car-free forever

Auckland Council and the community are now in accord. Scheduled to be published today, are the council’s recommendations to the commissioners who will effectively determine the future of Te Muri. When the draft management plan was published in November 2015, most...

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Garnering major help to connect this coast

You read it there first… …in a full-page spread in Junction Magazine, profiling ‘uber-human’ Tessa Berger, the 21-year-old chair of the Mahurangi Coastal Trail Trust. Anyone reading the glossy Matakana-based magazine’s description of Tessa’s achievements to date,...

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Mahurangi Action on draft variation in respect to Te Muri

The submission needs to begin by putting the planning process in context. The timing of the Auckland Regional Parks management plan variation in respect to Te Muri, coinciding as it does with the regional parks 50th anniversary, presents Auckland Council with an...

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Re-imagining the Mahurangi Regatta beyond the coastal trail

That the Mahurangi Regatta is a regional event is beyond dispute. The venerable event’s region-wide appeal is now backed up by data, collected at this year’s regatta by Auckland Council following its decision to grant $4000 towards the costs of hosting the 2015...

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1 Nov. Mahurangi Coastal Trail celebrity fundraiser

The Auckland Regional Parks 50th anniversary, legacy project. That is what the Mahurangi Coastal Trail must become, if Aucklanders are to mark the first fifty years of their incomparable network of regional parks in a manner befitting its scale and vision. And in...

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How trail can help save a habitable planet

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Guardian is throwing everything at it. Well, nearly everything. While its ‘Keep it in the ground’ campaign is all over its environment section, there is no trace, on the newspaper’s main online masthead, of the millennial moral issue. Last...

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Three separate vs. one magnificent Mahurangi Regional Park

Waitākere Ranges Regional Park is more than 19 times the combined size of the three Mahurangi regional parks. Waitākere Ranges dwarfs the combined 900 hectares of the largely contiguous regional parks of Mahurangi, Te Muri and Wenderholm, including the 407-hectare...

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Roll on the regional parks rolling 50th celebrations

Auckland Council is planning to push the regional parks 50th boat out. But rather than one grand event, or weekend, the celebrations will likely take the form of a season of events, rather like the way Warkworth’s 150th anniversary was celebrated. For that calendar of...

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Trail trustees sign on and board votes to support

This week sees concrete step number three, with step four imminent. Concrete step one towards the Mahurangi Coastal Trail was last November, when Christine Fletcher’s parks, recreation and sport committee voted for work to proceed on the Te Muri Concept Plan. The...

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Next step on coastal trail is trust and working group

Trust is the essential element in any successful collaboration. And it is never more so when that collaboration involves various community groups, elected council representatives, and council staff. Trust was clearly a key factor in Mahurangi Coastal Trail gaining its...

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Coastal trail gains first concrete step

No better proof could possibly be had. Sat in the top-floor council chamber in the Auckland Town Hall, nine supporters of a $0.9‍ ‍million coastal trail could have been excused for feeling unsure as to whether Auckland Council’s busy parks, recreation and sport...

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Mahurangi Coastal Trail high-tide Seaweek walk

Corrected 25 February 2014 Event date 9 March 2014 Last year’s was a low-tide walk, and wade, with the odd wallow. Partly to demonstrate that the Pūhoi River can be readily be crossed at low tide, and partly to avoid the need to arrange for craft to ferry folk across,...

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Low-tide walk to sample low-hanging fruit

Mahurangi can best ease the region’s growing pains by not housing its share of Aucklanders. According to the introductory video on the new unitary plan website, Aucklanders want a high quality, more compact city, in the face of the expected 30-year growth rate of 600...

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$15‍ ‍million Te Muri purchase lucky Te Araroa break

Updated 10 July 2015 An additional argument has surfaced for the coastal trail. Between Pūhoi and Wenderholm, it was planned that Te Araroa should follow the south bank of the Pūhoi River. However, that plan unravelled when a property holder along the route refused to...

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Ten minutes and local board agrees to walk

A coastal trail, for the most part, should be built close to the water. But not only is it necessary to skirt the steep and cliff sections of the coast, the elevation gained rewards walkers with views that more than compensate for the slight exertion involved. The...

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After a century or more ferrymen to work Sunday

Once, they were an essential part of the roading infrastructure. Ferrymen were paid the princely retainer of £15, or more if they were very lucky, to be on hand to transport travellers across the region’s various rivers. Pūhoi River ferryman George Ryan received £20...

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Road would ruin future for Mahurangi coastal trail

The grandest entrance to the harbour is from the sea, under sail. Coming a sublime second is to discover the Mahurangi on foot, from Waiwera. Currently, this requires closely judging the tide and some determined wading, to cross the Pūhoi. Once across the river, the...

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A unique role for Mahurangi and public transport

The public transport needs of the Mahurangi, in most ways, are unremarkable. Warkworth and Mahurangi East have long needed both a local bus service as well as better connectivity to Auckland’s bus system. But what is unique about the Mahurangi is that it is...

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Te Muri acquisition key to coastal trail

It was to form part of a scenic coastal road. In 1966, when the regional council secured 63.8‍ ‍hectares of coastal land at Te Muri for that purpose, such car‑centric thinking went unchallenged. Subsequently, the regional council’s ardour for the coastal road...

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