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Climate action of the people, by the people for the planet

That government of the people, by the people, for the people, has perished from the earth, has placed all earth’s creatures in existential peril. All too foreseeably, the half-billion creatures and counting destroyed by wildfire this globally-heated Australian summer will later…

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Sixth of the best to keep them honest

The sixth point of the Chartist’s six-point plan is sublimely simple. To counter parliamentary corruption and bought elections, simply hold far more frequent elections, so that, with the many times more voters called for in the first point: ‘…no purse could…

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Mainstream media too slow in waking to the proof

It’s all the proof that was needed. That, as urged by Kim Dotcom, the mainstream media needs to ‘wake up’ and do its job. By the morning after the packed-to-overflowing ‘Moment of Truth’ meeting in Auckland Town Hall on Monday night, the mainstream media should have...

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