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Development design guide

Rodney District Council’s tantalizing foray into development design

Site analysis and response

Rodney District Development Design Guide Part 3 Issues that affect all development types Site and context analysis The most critical element of successfully designing to avoid, remedy, or mitigate adverse effects lies in understanding how a proposal will react and...

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Subdivision and urban structure

Rodney District Development Design Guide Part 3 Issues that affect all development types Defining the use and ownership of space The clear definition of space between areas of private and public use is the single most critical element of functional built environments....

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Why a council guideline?

Rodney District Development Design Guide Rodney is currently the second fastest growing district in New Zealand. Reflecting this, there is increasing demand for development of all types. This demand brings with it many opportunities to further improve the quality of...

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Sustainable management in Rodney

Rodney District Development Design Guide What is social, economic, and cultural well-being? The Resource Management Act definition of sustainable management (section 5) focuses on social, economic, and cultural well-being. This is a very broad outcome and people with...

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It can be done; it has been done

It made little impact at Friday’s breakfast. But that was hardly surprising, given the privilege of being the first residents to preview a provocative video that proposes Rodney takes a leaf out of the Lake District’s book and determinedly protect the beauty of the...

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Success after three decades bleatin’ into submission

The locals’ vehicle-free concept blew the regional council’s plans for a road bridge across Te Muri out of the estuary. It was 1986 and test drilling in the bed of the estuary had rudely reminded locals that the splendid isolation Te Muri enjoyed was about to…

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Development design guide – urban myth and the Mahurangi

Urban is an anathema to most folk associated with the Mahurangi. So what, you may ask, has Rodney District Council’s draft urban design guide got to do with the Mahurangi catchment? Surely, if it applies to anything north of the city of Auckland, it could only, at a...

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