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Direct democracy

If wealth can directly or indirectly buy power … we are not equal

Act now and Aotearoa could own Democracy Day 2021

With Donald Trump’s best prospects now being immediate resignation and prompt a Mike Pence pardon, the United States’ flawed democracy might now survive long enough to face redemption. Shy seven weeks, it is 20 years from the United States election that…

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No Dunne deal – directly elect coalitions

As with the America’s Cup, coming second place in party politics generally equates with losing. Until recently, it had been looking as though the hospital pass Bill English received from the charismatic, if unchivalrous, Sir John Key might not prove fatal…

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Make direct democracy smart democracy

Professor David Altman wrote the book on it. Academics know it as direct democracy; Australians, bless ’em, mostly as plebiscites; and mere citizens, as initiatives or referendums. Semantics aside, most democracies allow for direct democracy, to a…

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Referendums crude instruments if used crudely or cravenly

Had the party campaigned in favour of capital gains tax, guaranteed minimum income, and legalisation of cannabis, Labour would be staring down the barrel of a one-year term. Courage is not rewarded when a political party’s policy proposals face a significant popular...

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