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Early editorialising

New Year’s resolution

I was asked about my New Year’s resolution. Momentarily feeling a pang of remorse, I had to admit that I hadn’t thought about the matter. I hope I didn’t give my neighbour the impression I considered New Year’s resolutions, or particularly her resolution, cliché. I...

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Possibly no witch to hunt

I can only imagine that friends of the Mahurangi will be feeling a range of emotions regarding the large quantity of diesel entering the river. The diesel was noticed downstream by Warkworth residents on Wednesday morning and reported to the Auckland Regional Council....

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Cannon Fodder

Living a long life doesn’t necessarily result in wisdom, but in the case of my stepfather-in-law I have no doubt at all that it has. Norfolk-born, John Wright was sent to Sydney in 1941 to help, initially as its chief chemist, establish Cable Makers Australia—part of...

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