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Global democracy

No globalisation without representation – End global rule by too-big-too-fail business

Make direct democracy smart democracy

Professor David Altman wrote the book on it. Academics know it as direct democracy; Australians, bless ’em, mostly as plebiscites; and mere citizens, as initiatives or referendums. Semantics aside, most democracies allow for direct democracy, to a…

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First degree ample excuse for global climate assembly

It was always going to be unprecedentedly, diabolically difficult. That is, the challenge of fundamentally re-powering civilisation with fossil-fuel-free technologies whilst simultaneously drastically curtailing the use of fossil fuels. Logically, the longer the...

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Need for global democracy manifestly self-evident

World government was the logical next step. Had Albert Einstein, Mohandas K Gandhi and J Robert Oppenheimer had their wish, the United Nations would have quickly transitioned to global government. Nations had plenty of incentive, given the dreadful dawning reality of...

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Manifesto for a global democracy

Daniele Archibugi Noam Chomsky Richard Falk David Held Fernando Iglesias Lucio Levi Giacomo Marramao George Monbiot Heikki Patomāki Mary Kaldor Saskia Sassen Richard Sennet Vandana Shiva Andy Strauss Politics lags behind the facts. We live in an era of deep...

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Procrastination now killer of all time

As the Member for Epping, he failed to alert Parliament to the threat posed by the rearmament of Germany. Despite Winston Churchill’s increasingly urgent warnings, it took the invasion of Poland to convince Britian to take action. The invasion of Austria, albeit...

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Global democracy and Robin Hood tax

Only 26 sovereign states are judged full democracies. Most of the world’s 196 countries use democracy somewhat sparingly, if at all. And although Aotearoa is ranked fifth amongst the fully democratic, it directly elects neither its head of government—the prime...

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Australasia first step in Greens going global

It’s a dirty word amongst most Green supporters. But globalisation, of democracy, is essential if global climate action is to have the best chance of averting ruinous greenhouse gas concentrations. Back in 2003, Green Party Senator Bob Brown moved: That the Senate...

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To the General Assembly of the United Nations

As I see it, this is the way for the nations of the world to break the vicious circle which threatens the continued existence of mankind, as no other situation in human history has ever done. We are caught in a situation in which every citizen of every country, his...

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