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History of the Mahurangi Magazine

Getting by with a little help from beautiful friends of the Mahurangi

Loneliness and the online publisher

Publishing an online magazine is an inherently lonely activity. Which made the support that John Timmins provided, from theMahurangi Magazine’s inception in 2007, pivotal for the editor. Active collaboration with John had already begun when…

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Getting by with a little help from

The reader is paramount. Without the more than 26 000 ‘visits’ received per year, publication of the Mahurangi Magazine could not otherwise be justified. Publication of the magazine is only possible thanks to the help of some very good friends. Some…

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Scott descendant laying the keel

It is an eternity since the inevitable was accepted. That ‘the Mahurangi’ would need a website. But watching the various efforts, back in the dawning of the internet, it was concluded: Better perhaps have no web presence, than a site typical of the…

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