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Loyal opposition reaches oblivious conclusion

It was a stroke of unintended brilliance, which has blighted democracy ever since. When John Cam Hobhouse coined the term loyal opposition, in jest, he could’ve had no inkling he would help dignify 190 years of two-party parliaments, where typically the only loyalty... read more

Make Aotearoa egalitarian and great again

His timing is impeccable, and his mission merciful. Immediately mocked by the mainstream media, Gareth Morgan’s launch of a party dedicated to eliminating poverty and closing the inequality gap is a cause worthy of wholehearted support, even by the mean-minded.... read more

Nation with least need for nuclear energy has most to gain

Even the pro-nuclear-power Dr James Hansen doubts Aotearoa needs it: You happen to be very fortunate and be very wealthy in terms of renewable energy. But New Zealanders’ future prospects now directly depend upon an unprecedented international mobilisation to... read more

Brainstorming breakfast on global climate action movement

Counting its Values Party roots, after 42 years it has only a few thousand members. If the Green Party’s membership, and its 10.7% electoral support, were an indication of how seriously New Zealanders view anthropogenic global warming, there would be little prospect... read more

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