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14 November town-hall talk

Professor Bill McKay: Life at the End of a Motorway

Second time science mussels into the Mahurangi

…green-lipped mussel reef establishment is a bold and emblematic means of addressing

the Mahurangi Harbour’s elevated sediment accumulation rate…

Mahurangi Regatta 2019

Celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Mahurangi Regatta revival…

Odds against tomorrow without ultimate sacrifice

Youth-led breeding moratorium humanity’s best, but possibly only hope.

Unlocking the magic of places – an impossible dream for Warkworth

Change is inevitable. What is not inevitable is the quality of that change…

Kids Voting curtain-raiser could electrify elections

…what better way for a family with school-aged to share the voting experience, than by discussing the Kids Voting results … then compare with the real thing, as it played out over the next hour or two…

Mahurangi mussels in to save the planet

Green-lipped-mussel-reef establishment might seem an unlikely choice for a climate-change tour-de-force by the organisation that revived the Mahurangi Regatta 42 years ago this summer. But Mahurangi Action believes that the beauty of the…

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Support Mahurangi mussel action

These six quick check-the-box questions will help Mahurangi Action plan the five-year green-lipped mussel reef restoration research project. With your even modest support, by greatly leveraging other funding sources this Mahurangi-based…

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Mahurangi Action 44th annual report

Global Warming of 1.5°C will forever define 2018, the year that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change finally published a report that refrained from kicking the climate-action can ever-further down the road. Since that report, as is the…

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2018–2019 committee nominations to hand

Ahead of the 14 November annual general meeting, the following nominations have been received for Mahurangi Action Incorporated’s 2018–2019 committee: Tessa Berger (as president, incumbent) entrepreneur, Rodney Local…

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agm tagged to 14 November town-hall talk

To save dragging some of the same folk out twice in one month, Mahurangi Action is tagging its annual general meeting to next month’s Warkworth Town Hall Talk. This is not to suggest that the society is permanently abandoning its…

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Town-hall talks back with Professor Bill McKay

As befits the stellar success of the last town-hall talk, before finances forced a two-month hiatus, the series is back to stay. August’s Warkworth Town Hall Talk, by Dr Andrew Jeffs, has spawned a five-year, potentially $1 million, research project aimed at…

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