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Mahurangi Regatta 2018

Celebrating the 41st anniversary of the Mahurangi Regatta revival…

Unlocking the magic of places – an impossible dream for Warkworth

Change is inevitable. What is not inevitable is the quality of that change…

Kids Voting curtain-raiser could electrify elections

…what better way for a family with school-aged to share the voting experience, than by discussing the Kids Voting results … then compare with the real thing, as it played out over the next hour or two…

Jackson daughters’ double wedding

Attached is a copy of a photograph given to me recently by my grandmother. My grandmother is a descendant of the Jackson family and John Sullivan. The photograph might be of interest to the Mahurangi Magazine as it contains images of many early characters...

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Triggering automatic change to green

Most Warkworthians are unhappy that their town is now a satellite growth centre. Had a concerted campaign been waged against it, and unlimited funds spent fighting it, Auckland Council may have been forced to rethink. But that would not have stopped the...

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On the coastal trail to the Mahurangi Regatta

For 45 years, the Mahurangi coastline between Waiwera and Ōpahi has been in public ownership, begging to host a nine-kilometre coastal trail, linking 900-hectares of regional parkland. But while the potential of the trail has existed since the 1973…

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Short-handed shuttle and last Scotts ferry

As regular readers of the Mahurangi Magazine well know, this writer won’t be content until a cross-harbour is instituted. This would benefit locals, Mahurangi Coastal Trail walkers, and be an absolute boon and delight generally, but particularly during the...

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Morning-after no-dogs breakfast

Incredibly, only two do it: Panmure Yacht and Boating Club, and Richmond. Even the race organiser, the Mahurangi Cruising Club, misses out on the best thing after the Mahurangi Regatta. It started small, with the organising clubs sharing the chore of...

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