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Mahurangi Action annual general meeting

Scott Homestead, Saturday 5 November 2016
Committee nominations can be made either at the meeting or online

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Criteria for a non-footbridge crossing

There were good and obvious reasons for considering a footbridge. But there were also a good many reasons why a footbridge across the Pūhoi Estuary, as part of the long-proposed Mahurangi Coastal Trail, was a less-than-optimal solution. Firstly, it would have had to... read more

Kids Voting curtain-raiser could electrify elections

Voting in schools works, or would, if more students were involved. With participation rates so low, the only intervention proven to address the worldwide decline in voter turnout is being relegated to little more than tokenism. Of the nearly 500 intermediate and... read more

Fire station Givealittle-athon dry run for coastal trail

Mahurangi West has a lot to thank Pūhoi for. Historically, it was one of only two achievable watering holes. Locals, on reaching the Notice Tree, would know whether to head to Pūhoi, or to Waiwera, to find the evening’s frivolities. This year, support from the Pūhoi... read more

Hear no evidence see no evidence speak no…

It is difficult to say which is more egregious. The three mayors yearning for the good old days of single-day polling. Or the mainstream media for being equally ill-informed and not pillorying them for their collective abject lack of evidence-based policy responses to... read more

Tira Cole webmaster, website architect and builder

Mahurangi Magazine webmaster About the webmaster Report a fault Suggest new functionality Discuss your website requirements The Mahurangi has some marvellous friends. One of those is mentioned in the acknowledgements printed in the first, 2001 hardcopy edition of Jade... read more

Mahurangi Action committee nominations open

It is a committee for people who detest them. In contrast to most incorporated societies, which typically meet monthly, Mahurangi Action meets continually, via the Mahurangi Magazine and email. Although committees are an integral part of representative democracy, it... read more

Mahurangi-initiated 50-year plan covered by mainstream media

Dr Ronald Locker had suggested it as a national park. It was 1973, when he had suggested creation of a national park to protect his beloved Mahurangi Harbour, in Seacoast in the Seventies, which he co-authored with Professor John Morton and David Thom cbe. What Locker…

read more

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