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Tamahunga—Pūhoi to Te Arai—local board

…meeting monthly in the Warkworth Town Hall was the only reasonably practicable option

Time for town hall to take it to city hall

Warkworth Town Hall, inescapably, is where the community should assemble to make decisions for itself. Not the Auckland Town Hall, with its region-wide responsibilities for a city of 1.7 million. In a slightly less imperfect world, Mahurangi…

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Now the commission wants to explore

At least Ōrewa is equally inconvenient for all Rodney residents. In its case for twin local board areas, the Mahurangi Magazine pointed out: So disparate are the areas, that meetings of the Rodney Local Board are held in Ōrewa, which is in neither half. Now…

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Region survives serial secessionism

Serial attempts to turn the clock back six decades have failed, and deservedly. For without regional governance, Aucklanders would be much the poorer, for example, 27 sublime regional parks poorer. It would also lack a cohesive…

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Twin tweaks to conquer local-democracy deficit

Status quo would be the less satisfactory option. Corner to corner, the Rodney Local Board area stretches 86 kilometres—a 165-kilometre, 2-hour drive by road, plus at least an hour’s walk at either end. In the context of an area of nearly 87 000 hectares, local board is an…

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Town hall planning to return favour

By 2019, many of the decisions about the new Warkworth could be being made in its old town hall. The Local Government Commission is currently considering reorganisation options for the Auckland region, including an alternative proposal made by…

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Only council candidate to score straight-a pluses

Warkworth from 4000 to 20 000 by 2040. That would be a five-fold increase in less than half the 50 years it took the region to treble to today’s population, of about 1.5 million. With this planned growth-rate of more than three times the regional average…

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Penny Webster is good – reports the War for Auckland

Penny Webster is good. She’s been a keen advocate for old people who don’t like apartments leaving the centre of Auckland, which is one of the key values of our War effort. Besides that, she’s handled a key finance role for the last three years [and the…

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Berger tops list thanks to National ideology

Tessa Berger’s bonanza of national media coverage began locally. It began with the Rodney Times sending out its excellent reporter Jay Boreham to interview Tessa in respect to her eye-catching billboards, one of which by then had been removed…

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Polling patch-up for flawed first-past-the-post

Polling gets blamed for a lot of things. For starters, for influencing folk into voting for the winning side. Or, conversely, for influencing folk into voting for the underdog. Whereas, in an ideal world, voters would express their honestly held preference…

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Bugger evidence-based policymaking – buy a Kombi

After three decades of Kids Voting, there is ample evidence to back it up. And for half that time, after it was imported from the United States by the then Auckland City Council, kids in Aotearoa have been at it. This year, a record 11 730 students in the…

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First-past-the-post dictates one tick

Voters, reasonably, seek to get their money’s worth. But thanks to obdurate royal commissioners, Auckland Council remains stuck in the bad old days of first-past-the-post, and voters are about to be short-changed. This is manifestly evident in the crowded, 18-strong…

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Car-free Te Muri with coastal trail no mirage

The indications were entirely auspicious, even before the wrap-up. Then the commissioners, who had just finished hearing submissions on the future development of Te Muri, outlined the points they expected Auckland Council’s planning officers…

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Tessa Berger’s snazzy billboards

Although sick was more likely word for a millennial to use, snazzy was the immediate reaction of one of Tessa Berger’s strongest local supporters, and, no doubt, that the majority of the Mahurangi Magazine’s demographic. “You will certainly add a…

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Magazine receives boost from Berger board bid

Mahurangi ‘bulletins’ had been getting progressively more ambitious, climaxing, in January 2007, with the first, glossy magazine format, Mahurangi Magazine. The proximate spur was the need to fill the void left when the Mahurangi Cruising…

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Garnering major help to connect this coast

You read it there first, in a full-page spread in Junction Magazine, profiling ‘uber-human’ Tessa Berger, the 21-year-old chair of the Mahurangi Coastal Trail Trust. Anyone reading the glossy Matakana-based magazine’s description of Tessa’s achievements…

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Humbled by 2010–2013 Rodney Local Board

Before the meeting began, one of the local board members offered up a prayer: that the meeting might close by 5 pm. Service as a local body representative is famously thankless work. The work has been doubly thankless for the inaugural…

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Mahurangi Magazine’s draft plan submission

With one very specific exception, which is addressed in the next section, the Mahurangi Magazine generally supports the content of the draft Rodney Local Board Plan. This submission’s priority, however, is to emphasise just six draft plan items…

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First challenge is deciding what is a priority

The draft Rodney Local Board Plan submission form begins with: “I agree with the following priorities proposed in the draft local board plan” The difficulty is that, in the draft plan, seven priorities are listed. The first listed, for example, is: Priority…

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Submissions on draft plan: Start with the positive

It’s not that it’s a bad plan. That notwithstanding, most comments on the draft local board plan will be negative simply because it is human nature for folk to react strongly to things they disagree with. So it could be argued that by asking citizens…

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Aside from mad motorway a reasonable plan

The draft local board plan is mostly Mahurangi-friendly. Mahurangi is mentioned six times, and the Mahurangi Action Plan twice. Even Mahurangi River dredging gets mentioned, which is right and proper considering how well canvassed…

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