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Local democracy

Now the commission wants to explore

At least Ōrewa is equally inconvenient for all Rodney residents. In its case for twin local board areas, the Mahurangi Magazine pointed out: So disparate are the areas, that meetings of the Rodney Local Board are held in Ōrewa, which is in neither half. Now…

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Twin tweaks to conquer local-democracy deficit

Status quo would be the less satisfactory option. Corner to corner, the Rodney Local Board area stretches 86 kilometres—a 165-kilometre, 2-hour drive by road, plus at least an hour’s walk at either end. In the context of an area of nearly…

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Representing hundreds and thousands

On average, each of Auckland region’s part-time local board politicians represents 9500 people. But a report prepared for Auckland Council argues for the number of local boards and local board members to be halved, which…

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Only council candidate to score straight A-pluses

Warkworth from 4000 to 20 000 by 2040. That would be a five-fold increase in less than half the 50 years it took the region to treble to today’s population, of about 1.5 million. With this planned growth-rate of more than three times the regional average…

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Penny Webster is good – reports the War for Auckland

Penny Webster is good. She’s been a keen advocate for old people who don’t like apartments leaving the centre of Auckland, which is one of the key values of our War effort. Besides that, she’s handled a key finance role for the last three years [and the three years...

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Tessa Berger tops list thanks to National’s ideology

Tessa Berger’s bonanza of national media coverage began locally. It began with the Rodney Times sending out its excellent reporter Jay Boreham to interview Tessa in respect to her eye-catching billboards, one of which by then had been removed. Given evidence of its...

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Need to respond

Letter It would be bad news indeed for the Mahurangi and it’s action plan if Mahurangi became part of the cash-strapped Kaipara District. I think we need to respond to Mike Lee’s call and make submissions urgently.   Editor’s note This being the second high-profile...

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Conspiracy theories also opiate at local level

She writes refreshingly rationally. Titled Conspiracy as the Opium of the People, columnist Tracey Barnett warns: We’re fostering a world where the truth can be picked out of a hat. Arabs, Jews or Americans themselves felled the Twin Towers, depending on whether you...

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Distinctly dispiriting campaign climate

I last stood for council 33 years ago. A candidate for the Hibiscus Coast District Community Council, I came, I was want to say, dangerously close to being elected. Not dangerous in the sense that I was too young, more that I was never comfortable with the adversarial...

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Today we meet Ms Morresey at Ransom Wines

The editor is looking forward to it. A gathering with prospects for more human and meaningful exchanges—after two ‘meet the candidates’ meetings, with several more to come. Purposeful, positive, discussion one-on-one or in small groups in the civilised environment of...

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Heading off a conflict of interest

My first action was to seek advice. I was considering standing for Rodney District Council, and sought the counsel of Graham Nielson who was my supervisor when I was employed by the council to computer-model Helensville’s water reticulation—the good old days when the...

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