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Mahurangi Action Incorporated committee

Will the 2018–2019 committee make climate Mahurangi Action’s middle name?

Mahurangi Action 44th annual report

Global Warming of 1.5°C will forever define 2018, the year that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change finally published a report that refrained from kicking the climate-action can ever-further down the road. Since that report, as is the…

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2018–2019 committee nominations to hand

Ahead of the 14 November annual general meeting, the following nominations have been received for Mahurangi Action Incorporated’s 2018–2019 committee: Tessa Berger (as president, incumbent) entrepreneur, Rodney Local…

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agm tagged to 14 November town-hall talk

To save dragging some of the same folk out twice in one month, Mahurangi Action is tagging its annual general meeting to next month’s Warkworth Town Hall Talk. This is not to suggest that the society is permanently abandoning its salubrious tradition of meeting at…

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Mahurangi Action committee nominations open

It’s is a committee for people who detest them. In contrast to most incorporated societies, which typically meet monthly, Mahurangi Action meets continually, via the Mahurangi Magazine and email. Although committees are an integral part of representative…

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2015–2016 committee Mahurangi Action

On 2 November 2015, the following were elected as the committee of Mahurangi Action Incorporated for 2015–2016: Tessa Berger (as vice-president) entrepreneur, nominated by Cimino Cole, seconded by Hugh Gladwell; Cimino Cole (as…

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Supporter opportunity to spark VP’s potential

Twenty-year-old Tessa Berger is Mahurangi Action’s best hope for the future. And that is good news for the Mahurangi, if the society’s achievements to date can be considered ‘good for the Mahurangi’. Major achievements include: causing Mahurangi Peninsula wastewater...

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2013–2014 committee Mahurangi Action

On 3 November 2013, the following were elected as the committee of Mahurangi Action Incorporated for 2013–2014: Cimino Cole (as secretary) editor incumbent Jim Dollimore biologist incumbent Hugh Gladwell lawyer incumbent Michael Gordon (as treasurer)...

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2012–2013 committee Mahurangi Action

On 25 November 2012, the following were elected as the committee of Mahurangi Action Incorporated for 2012‍–‍2013: Cimino Cole (as secretary) editor nominated by Hugh Gladwell seconded by Mike Neil Jim Dollimore biologist nominated by Cimino Cole seconded by Michael...

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