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City hall help to crank-up the club

The Mahurangi Club was to meet on the first Monday of every month. That way, attendance of the Mahurangi River Winery gatherings would likely grow, and Mahurangi Action Plan momentum would build. When the odd Mahurangi Forum was scheduled, the plan was to dispense...

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Speaker more than spatially competent

Mostly, the Mahurangi Club is the first Monday of the month. But in March, it will be one week later—the 14th. While Mahurangi River Winery’s Shelley Trotter was relaxed about the gathering being held in her premises in her absence on the scheduled Monday, she was not...

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Anything but the motorway access

The suggestion has been made before. That a Mahurangi Club be established where proponents can socialise and discuss life, the Mahurangi, and everything. And not just at a general-purpose venue, but at some civilised haunt with a bar and hors d'œuvres. And with the...

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