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Mahurangi West Hall

Book now for the 10th anniversary screening of Anchor Me!

Some of the best, ironic lines came from the cast. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, given that the original concept was for the children to write the entire play. That that notion was unrealistic became clear at the first workshop, held in the yet-to-be...

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Hutch and friends provide substantial and on-going support

When the editor asked his neighbour, legendary earthmoving contractor Mick Berger, about creating a marquee site at the Mahurangi West Hall, he also asked him who might be approached to do the engineering design: Hutch. Hutch? Is that his name? Yeah. Hutchinson...

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Global work party time to toast

Planting 10 October 9.30am–10am start Location Mahurangi West Hall Summertime, and the planting is easy. At least it was on Saturday, in the sand. Two hundred sand-binding plants were established above the wrack line of the beach at Ōpahi, with ease—in marked contrast...

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Ransom wine in first Sunday Evening Auction

A plea for 50 donations of $100 has gone out. With a bid somewhat north of $100, a generous contributor to the Mahurangi West Hall mulch fund could come away with a warm feeling and a case of Ransoms’ wine. Tomorrow evening, the Mahurangi Magazine will auction a case...

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Job would be done mulch-better by far

We need your help. On Saturday, 14 people turned up at 9am at the Mahurangi West Hall with forks, pitch forks, spades, quad bikes and trailers plus a tractor and tray to load up from where it was dumped on the roadside on to the trailers and cart down to the...

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From seventeen hundred to fifty words

The finishing touch to Colin Hawken’s fine new fence in front of the Mahurangi West Hall came in the form of a handsome new sign. Mahurangi West local Murray Davey, of Signpost, donating this and many others since the hall restoration began, provided the sign, and...

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Old school fence underlined the scale of sediment generation

Colin Hawken was sticking to his guns. Unless the ground was cut down, he insisted, the new fence he was about to erect would perch unsteadily on the edge of the bank. The bank had been formed, in the 100-odd years since the Mahurangi Heads West schoolyard was fenced,...

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Demonstration of support, and demonstration of force

Sunday afternoon saw another tremendous turnout at the Mahurangi West Hall, this time to support a Pūhoi-based initiative. The very worthy recipient of Mahurangi West hospitality and generosity was the Pūhoi Volunteer Rural Fire Force. Like rural volunteer rural fire...

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Of olive oil and inflatable sheep all trebly grand

Friday night saw another brilliant pre-Christmas bash at the Mahurangi West Hall. In recent years there have been some absolute Christmas crackers: The year Dermot Kelly demonstrated he was still the master of the sing-along guitar, in spite loss of a fingering...

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