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Marine farming

Mahurangi mussels in to save the planet

Green-lipped-mussel-reef establishment might seem an unlikely choice for a climate-change tour-de-force by the organisation that revived the Mahurangi Regatta 42 years ago this summer. But Mahurangi Action believes that the beauty of the…

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Second time science mussels into the Mahurangi

The first time science brought its muscle to bear was in 2004. After ten years of studies aimed at baselining selected catchments ahead of urban development impacts, the scientists involved persuaded the former Auckland Regional Council that…

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Marine farming the nasty way or the nice way

There are two ways to stop teredo. Build oyster farms from unpalatable material, or from palatable material impregnated with poisons. Biomarine, for its vast new Kaipara harbour farm, has chosen to eschew poisons such as chromium arsenates. Instead of…

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That sublime feeling: My work here is done

I just had to call Shane Hartley. Fortunately for Shane he was on the phone, so I had to contain my excitement and write an email. Others hadn’t been quite so lucky that afternoon and quite a lot of phone time was spent reporting an historic breakthrough: The...

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After decades of inaction, action plan for clean up

New Mahurangi Action Plan project leader, Kim Morresey, has helped set up a meeting of stakeholders determined to end the impasse over derelict oyster farms. Responsibility for governance of marine farming now rests with Auckland Regional Council. The transfer of...

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Jim’s ill wind

The concept is consummate. With a severe storm approaching, faced with the likelihood of the harbour being closed for up to five days, and the prospect of having to lay off four or five workers until harvesting recommenced, Jim Dollimore emailed the editor suggesting...

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Induction emphasises derelict marine farm opportunity

She was fresh home from a sailing holiday in Tonga. But Kim Morresey was only too happy to be back on the water, and as a seafood enthusiast, couldn’t be happier that it was aboard a Mahurangi oyster barge. Sadly, oysters were not on the menu, the…

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