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Mainstream media missing in climate action

Humankind has ended the ice ages, and is possibly ending civilisation, yet the mainstream media is missing in action

Unequivocally claiming climate

His frustration was palpable. Following his party’s first electoral foray, when more than 98% of the populace proved to be impervious, the Rodney candidate declared: “What we need is a decent nuclear accident, then they’ll vote Values.” Sadly, the statement…

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4 or 40 years late, climate thrust to front page

George Monbiot declared 28 August 2012 as the day world went mad. Writing on the following day, the Guardian’s respected environmental journalist asked readers to remember that date. It was the day that scientists announced the record Arctic ice melt, unnoticed by the...

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Unprecedented struggle yet story with no name

For two decades it was the Great War. Then, with the outbreak of World War II, it became the First World War. As a descriptive title, First World War says a great deal more than Great War. It would be even more descriptive, but less eloquent, as the First...

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Fourth-estate help to forget everything

By its very definition, global warming is a world issue. Global warming is also, inescapably, the world issue—the only one on track to take and to shorten billions of lives, and the only with the potential to extinguish life worldwide. Yet the New Zealand Herald’s new...

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Media missing from wild new frontiers

As threats go, they don’t come much bigger. Asteroid collision, global thermonuclear war, nuclear winter, snowball earth all have the potential to render Homo sapiens sapiens extinct. But these threats have either a low, in some cases infinitesimally low, possibility...

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