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Online voting

Much online on the unviability of online voting is motivated by an anti-democracy agenda

No Dunne deal – directly elect coalitions

As with the America’s Cup, coming second place in party politics generally equates with losing. Until recently, it had been looking as though the hospital pass Bill English received from the charismatic, if unchivalrous, Sir John Key might not prove fatal…

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Healing unhealthy health-board ballots

The first requirement of a voting system is to reflect voters’ preferences. First-past-the-post does one thing and one thing only: it reveals voters’ first preferences. But in the real world of human interactions, second and subsequent preferences are…

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Web Magna Carta and better democracy for half the price

It is possible to put a price on better democracy. At least to the extent that combining local and general elections would nearly halve the cost of holding them, and massively improve local-body turnout to boot. Extensive experience elsewhere suggests that…

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Way clear for courageous first online list

Labour has just been handed a third potentially pivotal gift. Eighty years ago, the preoccupation of the United and Reform coalition predecessor of the National Party with balancing the books led to real unemployment reaching 30%, to food riots, and…

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