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Pūhoi–Warkworth motorway

Reimagining the roads of Mahurangi

Roads, historically, were not about cars. They were not even about private vehicles, until the last 100 of human civilisation’s 5500-year existence. So perhaps the Labour Party’s pandering to Penlink is understandable, as it seeks to wrest more of the...

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Only honourable option to oppose in full

The best strategy might have been to support the proposal in full. That way, the Pūhoi–Warkworth motorway board of inquiry might have been more receptive to the opportunity for a large-scale trial of open-ground indigenous plants—realistically, the only impact the...

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Headwater streams of the Mahurangi estimated not measured

In a straight line, the stream would run from Mahurangi to Palmerston North. That is, if all the streams in the Mahurangi catchment were laid end-to-end, and assuming, of course, that there was sufficient head to cause this hypothetical stream to run. Then if this...

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Loss of holiday highway won’t be lamented

Labour Party Media Statement 8 March 2011 Labour’s Transport spokesperson Shane Jones is welcoming reports that the so-called ‘holiday highway’ from Pūhoi to Wellsford may be delayed, with completion of the $1.3 billion highway possibly pushed back to 2024. ‘There is...

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Make existing highway safer, spend balance on Christchurch

Christine Rose is emphatic that Christchurch comes first. Reacting to strong indications by the government this morning that the planned Pūhoi–Wellsford motorway will have to wait for Christchurch to be rebuilt, the Labour Party candidate for Rodney told the Mahurangi...

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Time to submit for better transport

It can be done online, up until midnight Friday 28 January. Feedback is sought by the New Zealand Transport Agency regarding the indicative route of the Pūhoi–Wellsford motorway. Submissions that a motorway should not be built at all are unlikely to interest the...

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Billion-dollar motorway flyover

Takes just 3.43‍ ‍minutes to ‘fly’ the preferred route.   The New Zealand Transport Agency’s simulated flyover of the preferred route deserves high praise for vividly and dramatically illustrating the magnitude of what is involved in building a motorway from Pūhoi to...

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Other than motorway, what 2.3‍ ‍billion buys

Updated 10 September 2010 China has 3529 kilometres in use and another 6696 under construction. High-speed rail in Japan, however, with its similarly challenging terrain is probably a better guide for Aotearoa. But even at the relatively high Japanese rates, the cost...

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Goodbye old motorway, hello new rail

It was an entirely reasonable expectation. That the best features of the constituent local bodies would be melded into the new region‑wide council. Len Brown’s announcement that he would ‘take onboard the Waitakere eco‑city concept’ may be belated but is a nonetheless...

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Safety first trumps weak economics

A good deal of sense was talked in Auckland and Wellington yesterday. Auckland Regional Council listened to two options that put safety first, in quickly and affordably upgrading the dangerous highway between Pūhoi and Wellsford motorway, presented by the Campaign for...

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End of the first phase

The following submission is that of the Mahurangi Magazine. The submission was prepared by Cimino Cole, editor, with the support of John Timmins, publisher. The magazine thanks its many readers who have expressed support for the need to protect the harbourscape, and...

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Motorway extension all right for some

Submissions on the proposed Pūhoi–Wellsford motorway close today. Unless the submission is from the pro‍–‍ Pūhoi access group that met with the NZ Transport Agency on Friday, which has until 16 August. The transport agency’s Amanda Cosgrove says that although the...

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Marvelous place to stop the motorway

It may be a case of joining the wrong dots. Or even a case of joining dots that aren’t there. But the spectre of a motorway snaking up Mahurangi Harbour, to the east of Schedewys Hill, Windy Ridge and Pōhuehue, is threatening to swamp reaction to the potential loss of...

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Regional council’s informal position

The Auckland Regional Council respects and commends the NZ Transport Agency’s concern over growth pressures arising from transport infrastructure, and the need to reinforce and recognize the regional growth strategy etc as signalled in the regional policy statement....

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Mahurangi may need to take one for the team

It is clearly working. Expectations for increased property demand at Mahurangi West have been dashed. In line with the growth objectives of the district and regional plans, the NZ Transport Agency signalled that there would be no access to the planned motorway between...

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Motorway: Think on

The agency has said what it thinks. Headed ‘What we think’, the New Zealand Transport Agency a month ago outlined its broad plans for a Pūhoi–Wellsford motorway, and invited feedback. Since then, the Mahurangi Magazine has published seven pieces on the proposed...

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Fossil-fuel solutions stratospheric cost

‘Sofia’ has cost $1.3‍ ‍billion. If built, the Pūhoi–Wellsford Motorway is estimated to cost $2.3‍ ‍billion. Nine years behind schedule, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy has just begun studying the atmospheres of other planets, when the extreme...

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Thinking a little beyond 26 July

The motorway consultation process is generating considerable debate in the area. Communities, understandably, are currently focused on what can be done between now and 26 July to influence those making decisions about the design of the proposed Pūhoi‍–‍Wellsford...

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Never negotiate out of fear; never fear to negotiate

The raison d'être for this publication is the Mahurangi landscape. More specifically, the Mahurangi Magazine’s mission has been to help ensure that recognition of the harbourscape was a principal part of the Mahurangi Action Plan. And it is, although it appeared...

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Smarter models gagging for it

The agency must be bemused. A community reacts in outrage to the prospect of being denied direct access to a proposed motorway, when it should be erupting in righteous indignation at the absurdity of continued motorway construction. Not that it is likely that the NZ...

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Alternatives to the agency model

Predictably, all the ruckus is over the off and on ramps. An entirely refreshing idea has been suggested by Mahurangi West man Cluny Macpherson. Professor Macpherson contends that bus bays should be provided opposite Pūhoi and Mahurangi West. This would facilitate...

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Mahurangi Harbour might dodge another bullet

Not dodged, so much as bent down to tie its shoelaces. Mahurangi’s first near miss was being by-passed by the Great North Road. To avoid being bogged down, early road builders preferred, where possible, keep to the high ground. By electing to run the highway along the...

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