Visitor strategy

Visitor strategy vision more of a mission

As visions go, it is less than galvanising. It presumably is not intended to form part of any promotional material for the area. Aside from being bland, the 58-word vision statement set out in the draft Pūhoi to Pakiri Region Visitor Strategy 2012–2017 could apply to...

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Entirely fortuitous Pakiri–Pūhoi clash

It would have made for a perfect Mahurangi Club topic. In the event, the next first-Monday-of-the-month clashed with the date chosen by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development to hold a public meeting to present research to inform a Pakiri–Pūhoi visitor...

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Pakiri–Pūhoi naming rites

The region was once called Mahurangi. Not the Mahurangi River—at the time of European settlement it was called Waihē. For Māori, Mahurangi was the fortified sea stack off Waiwera, and its immediate hinterland. For the want of pre-existing name for it, European...

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