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Warkworth–Snells–Algies wastewater servicing

Scott Homestead annual general afternoon tea Saturday

Last year’s was the culmination of a Te Muri walk and a cross-harbour ferry ride. This year’s annual general meeting will be somewhat more perfunctory, on account of it coinciding with the Mahurangi West Hall working bee and Pūhoi Fire Station Givealittle-athon....

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The draft master plan and the mother of master plans

The new regional governance arrangements will likely see Watercare Services responsible for Mahurangi sewerage. Understandably, Rodney District Council’s infrastructure planners are keen to consolidate their work prior to when, in all probability, they will report to...

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Brunel’s biggest groupie

Letter I believe I may be one of Mr I K Brunel’s biggest groupies. I’ve done them all, the railway, the ship, the office, the grave. He’s the greatest of the greats. I happen to travel Brunel’s line to Cardiff once a week for work and we’ve just had a holiday in...

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Wastewater plant upgrade not exactly nothing

A good many reading A Muddy Brown Colour would have suspected, of course, that Rodney District Council was in fact doing something about its notoriously leaky old sewerage system. Most, however, would be astonished to learn the half of the council’s short, medium and...

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Council checked stormwater outflows

Letter I read A Muddy Brown Colour today and share the concern expressed about farm and urban pollution that flows into the Mahurangi. I also thought however, that it is worth pointing out one factual error (it might be useful if confronting the council etc.), which...

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Warkworth wastewater treatment peak flow upgrade update

Veolia Systems has won the contract to supply a peak flow treatment system, which will be installed and commissioned before December 2008, as required by the new resource consent. Also associated with the upgrade will be a Timbertank (ex Tindall’s Bay reservoir),...

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I thought it was naturally a muddy brown colour

Forum South-East Asian Survey Congress My name is Rebekah Liebezeit. I am 13 years old and I live in the Mahurangi area, one hour north of Auckland. I am also part of the group called the Stream Rescue Team. This group of about fifteen students concentrates on...

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