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2009 Mahurangi Regatta

2010 to be the thousand-burger regatta

Some didn’t get to sample the 2009 Monster Mahuburger. One didn’t deserve to, given he under-ordered. A few even missed out on the hundred that went out Bambi-free—unforgivably, these were also free-range egg ‍–‍free. For the six hundred who got one—or the sailor who...

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2009 Mahurangi Regatta programme

Event date 24 January 2009 High tide 06:48 (0.83 m) then 18:53 (0.72 m) Shoreside events Friends of the Mahurangi Sailing events Mahurangi Cruising Club Mahurangi Regatta Generally* held at Sullivans Bay *In the event of a strong easterly forecast, at Scotts Landing...

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Regatta reminder regarding boat launching at Sullivans

Launching of small boats participating in regatta 9–11 am Retrieval 3.30–4.30 pm Shortly after the 2009 regatta format was published, park ranger Matthew Williams e-mailed asking that the small boat launching times at Sullivans Bay be included. The editor is always...

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After-match looked dicey but Deacon saves dance

For a while there, the vendors had inveigled their way in. Invariably, there is somebody looking to cash in on the event, but it was the strongly-held view of the generation that revived the Mahurangi Regatta that it should be a good old-fashioned…

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