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Berger for the board

Tessa Berger‘s campaign for the local board

Mahurangi-initiated 50-year plan hit by mainstream media

Dr Ronald Locker had suggested it as a national park. It was 1973, when he had suggested creation of a national park to protect his beloved Mahurangi Harbour, in Seacoast in the Seventies, which he co-authored with Professor John Morton and David Thom cbe

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Only council candidate to score straight-a pluses

Warkworth from 4000 to 20 000 by 2040. That would be a five-fold increase in less than half the 50 years it took the region to treble to today’s population, of about 1.5 million. With this planned growth-rate of more than three times the regional average…

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Penny Webster is good – reports the War for Auckland

Penny Webster is good. She’s been a keen advocate for old people who don’t like apartments leaving the centre of Auckland, which is one of the key values of our War effort. Besides that, she’s handled a key finance role for the last three years [and the…

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Berger tops list thanks to National ideology

Tessa Berger’s bonanza of national media coverage began locally. It began with the Rodney Times sending out its excellent reporter Jay Boreham to interview Tessa in respect to her eye-catching billboards, one of which by then had been removed…

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Polling patch-up for flawed first-past-the-post

Polling gets blamed for a lot of things. For starters, for influencing folk into voting for the winning side. Or, conversely, for influencing folk into voting for the underdog. Whereas, in an ideal world, voters would express their honestly held preference…

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First-past-the-post dictates one tick

Voters, reasonably, seek to get their money’s worth. But thanks to obdurate royal commissioners, Auckland Council remains stuck in the bad old days of first-past-the-post, and voters are about to be short-changed. This is manifestly evident in the crowded, 18-strong…

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Tessa Berger’s snazzy billboards

Although sick was more likely word for a millennial to use, snazzy was the immediate reaction of one of Tessa Berger’s strongest local supporters, and, no doubt, that the majority of the Mahurangi Magazine’s demographic. “You will certainly add a…

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Magazine receives boost from Berger board bid

Mahurangi ‘bulletins’ had been getting progressively more ambitious, climaxing, in January 2007, with the first, glossy magazine format, Mahurangi Magazine. The proximate spur was the need to fill the void left when the Mahurangi Cruising…

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Garnering major help to connect this coast

You read it there first, in a full-page spread in Junction Magazine, profiling ‘uber-human’ Tessa Berger, the 21-year-old chair of the Mahurangi Coastal Trail Trust. Anyone reading the glossy Matakana-based magazine’s description of Tessa’s achievements…

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