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Sue Locker 2001
Michael Thorne

Key Committee Member: Having a committee member also a printing industry company director was a boon for Mahurangi Action, known then as Friends of the Mahurangi, with the myriad printing jobs that can otherwise drain the funds of such organisations. Michael Thorne’s greatest contribution, however, was in providing the committee with the confidence to step up as the publisher of Dr Ronald H Locker’s definitive history of the Mahurangi. Without that key contribution, Jade River : A History of the Mahurangi may never have seen the light of day, and Locker would not have got to cradle a just-printed and neatly bound manuscript whilst sitting in the winter sunlight under a warm blanket, just days before his death. image Mahurangi Magazine

In preparing my husband’s manuscript for publication, the skills and commitment of many people have been called on and generously given. In particular I should like to record my thanks to Friends of the Mahurangi for undertaking the publication of Jade River : A History of the Mahurangi and especially to Harry Bioletti, Cimino Cole and Sarah Ransom, Tira Cole, Cathy and John Male, Beverley Simmons and Michael Thorne.

My gratitude also goes to Ruth and Lester Davey, Pamela Holden, Mark Locker and Shirley Whittlestone for their valuable assistance.

My husband could not have written this book without the participation of those who were consulted or interviewed. Many people gave their time and their expertise, told their family stories and lent their photographs. Thank you Joe Barber, Eric Barker, Keith Barker, Neil Barr, Enid and Albert Emtage, Geoff Fairburn, Max and Alice Hamilton, Beau Jackson, Errol Jones, Michael King, Phyllis Kewene, Lindsay Kirby, Betty Lawrie, Betty Morrison, Verna Mossong, Graeme Murdoch, Girlie Paul, Margaret Schischka, Vincent Schischka, Julie Scotts, David Simmons, Stella Youni, Margaret Watson, and Nora Weakly.

My apologies to anyone not included in the list—Ron would have been grateful just the same.

Second edition acknowledgements

Mahurangi Action gratefully acknowledges the major contribution of David and Linda Livingston, proprietors of CAPS Digital Colour in undertaking the layout and prepress stages of production and for the design of the dust jacket; Books and More Warkworth for hosting the launch and for marketing assistance; Sue Locker for funding assistance; New Zealand Lottery Grants Board; and Persimmon Press for sourcing illustrations, caption copy writing and for funding assistance. Printing of the second addition was underwritten jointly by Books and More Warkworth and a descendant of a Mahurangi pioneering family.

The illustrations were drawn from many sources both public and private including: Alexander Turnbull Library; Auckland Museum; Tapa Whakahiku; Auckland Public Library; Brian Collins Collection; and National Library of New Zealand‍ ‍/‍ ‍Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa. The publishers are grateful to the many families who lent pictures and archival material and these sources are credited below the captions. Uncredited illustrations are from the author’s own collection. Their origins are unknown and could not be verified.

The poem The Estuary is printed with the kind permission of the literary executors of the A‍ ‍R‍ ‍D Fairburn estate.

Publisher’s note One of the many beauties of online publishing, in addition to it being considerably less costly, particularly to the climate, is that further subediting is possible, including the opportunity to use macrons on those Māori vowels requiring them. An enormous online utility, of course, is the ability to link.

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