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Scott Homestead annual general afternoon tea Saturday

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Warkworth – Snells Beach Path, indicative route

Balmy Prospects: As well as a litany of successes to report for 2016, including the decision to end the discharge of wastewater into the Mahurangi River, Mahurangi Action has balmy prospects for 2017, including progress with the Mahurangi Coastal Trail, and a car-free Te Muri forever. Less certain, is whether Watercare Services can be persuaded to take a good hard look at the potential synergy of combining the new wastewater main from Warkworth to Snells Beach with a broad, level path for walking and cycling. route and notation Mahurangi Action

Last year’s was the culmination of a Te Muri walk and a cross-harbour ferry ride.

This year’s annual general meeting will be somewhat more perfunctory, on account of it coinciding with the Mahurangi West Hall working bee and Pūhoi Fire Station Givealittle-athon.

Styling the annual general meeting as an afternoon tea is not hyperbole. It is the continuation of a practice begun in 2014, when Mahurangi Action celebrated its 40th anniversary, as part of a field day that included the Mahurangi Farm-Forestry Trail, a Mahurangi harbour and river tour on the Jane Gifford, and wine and canapés at the Riverview Café.

As the occasion simultaneously celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Mahurangi Action Plan, a mere 10 minutes were allowed for the annual general meeting, and, by dispensing with the reading of minutes and annual reports, and, with the Jane Gifford desperate to depart upstream against a falling tide, 10 minutes is all it took. Although no similar time constraints apply to this year’s meeting, by virtue of publishing the obligatory minutes and reports online, the face-to-face time can be better used for brainstorming on the future of the Mahurangi.

The main duty of the annual general meeting, of course, is to elect a committee. This can be a more off-putting aspect of such meetings even than listening to a litany of reports. Potential attendees need not fear ambush and coercion to accept nomination. Thanks to a new streamlined, online, nomination system, a minimum six committee members will already be lined up, and while it is always grand for more to volunteer, nobody should have it sprung on them, during the proceedings.

As is proper, all are welcome to attend the 2016 Mahurangi Action Incorporated annual general meeting—2.30 for 3 pm—but only financial members are entitled to vote.

Mahurangi Action milestones mark some significant achievements

Founded, as Friends of the Mahurangi
Tribunal recommends Warkworth wastewater be excluded from the Mahurangi River
Revived the Mahurangi Regatta
Supported Mahurangi West-led campaign that saw off plans to build a road to Te Muri and park up to 4000 cars behind its beach
Conducted poll on aspirations for Mahurangi in 25 years
Publication of Dr Ronald Locker’s 416-page Jade River : A History of the Mahurangi
Successful High Court defence of the public’s entitlement to access Jamieson Bay
Scotts Landing – Scott Homestead boardwalk
Mahurangi Regatta Ball, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Warkworth’s founding
Revival of the Mahurangi Regatta Prize-Giving Dance
Leading role in supporting Auckland Regional Council’s Mahurangi Action Plan
Mahurangi Magazine goes online
Establishment of first scientifically designed trials demonstrating that forestry-style nursery methods could slash the cost of raising indigenous plants
Leading role in developing Mahurangi Action Plan: A strategic plan for the catchment 2010–2030
With property holder, establishment of the Mahurangi Farm-Forestry Trail
Warkworth Sediment Improvements Pilot Phase I
Preservation of car-free Te Muri, forever
Culmination of 42-year bid to see council commitment to exclude Warkworth wastewater from the Mahurangi river and harbour
First Mahurangi Regatta held with new, long-term principal sponsor, Teak Construction
Submitted only proposal—for two local boards to replace the current Rodney Local Board—deemed a reasonably practicable option to Auckland’s governance arrangements
Inaugurated, with One Warkworth and supported by Mahurangi Matters, the Warkworth Town Hall Talks
Initiated, with philanthropist member, Mahurangi-based green-lipped mussel reef restoration research project
Initiated, with the Mahurangi River Restoration Trust, ‘Up the Mahu!’
Provided snug harbour for chart—Coastal Heritage Art—competition for schools


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