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Climate action economics

Trillions spent on quantitative easing to save the banks, to screw the climate

How Savage would have salvaged a survivable climate

There is an alternative to you-first-no-you-first. Aotearoa, like pretty much every other country, is fearful of getting too far ahead of the pack in respect to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the fear, paranoia even, is of becoming…

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Another speech spiked of another true patriot

It is clearly not working. Oil still flows thickly and the Earth disgorges myriad other minerals in unprecedented abundance, yet the wheels have fallen off the global economy—unemployment and underemployment are at record highs. Global oil…

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Mahurangi Magazine reprints the New Lynn speech

You know that at the last election, the one that we lost so badly, nearly one million people didn’t vote; more than 800 000 people—a fifth of the population—didn’t vote. Now you know, there are lots of reasons that people didn’t vote, and there were…

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Actions after election make history

It should probably start with the less-important issue. In this hypothetical ‘operation hymn sheet’, the leadership of the National and Green parties have been whisked away, their respective election celebrations still ringing in their ears, to a nice quiet place in...

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Party-vote green growth for a richer Aotearoa

In Australia, the party is simply called Australian Greens, or The Greens for short. In Aotearoa it is ‘The Greens, The Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand’, which at 51 characters including spaces and punctuation is just one short of the 52-character maximum....

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Advantage of green pure genius

The concept’s catching on like wildfire. Since Pure Advantage launched on Thursday evening, the number of registered supporters has shot to more than 1000—responding to the call: The greater our numbers, the greater our influence on business…

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Bridging energy chasm the Ayres rock

Most are utterly unrepentant. Free-market high priests appear more than happy for the subprime mortgage market to take the fall for the global economic downturn—all those folk with no business aspiring to home ownership, really! Other economists…

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