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A great harbour worth saving

by 16 Jul 2007Sedimentation0 comments

Small copy of Mahurangi Magazine full-page advertisement

Caring for the catchment: Biomarine sponsored this full-page in January’s Mahurangi Magazine advertisement for the Open-Ground Indigenous Plant project. The farmer is Shelley Trotter.

L e t t e r

Jim Dollimore, Biomarine Limited

Since [13 July] we have had another storm!—I will have to close the factory for at least a week and send the staff on holiday.

However the oyster farm and oyster culling staff will be around and it is a good opportunity for them to help with Shelley Trotter’s project.

I will try to contact the farm manager today.

I think those articles are excellent. As you realise, we need to be seen to be taking an interest and actually doing our best before the district and regional councils will be interested in helping. You are certainly showing that.

It’s a great harbour and well worth saving

Thanks for your efforts.