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Invitation to come meet Ms Morresey

by 1 Aug 2007Sedimentation0 comments

We were discussing the curious characteristics of committees.

Ransom Wines pen and ink representation

This will be the third friends of the Mahurangi dinner that Ransom Wines, situated on the south branch of the Mahurangi River, has hosted.

I mentioned, to the new Mahurangi Action Plan project leader, that the last ‘formal’ Friends of the Mahurangi meeting was a year ago, and at Ransom Wines.

And then felt it necessary to quickly explain that there had been much formal decision making, during that time, but that it had been conducted by written poll—the utility of email.

Kim Morresey’s enthusiasm for the format of our gatherings at Ransom Wines was entirely encouraging and, I suspect, reflects a healthy appreciation of the limitations of formal meetings.

Be that as it may, the plan is to gather, from 5.30‍ ‍pm onwards on Thursday 16 August, at Ransoms. Fine wine and snacks from Ransoms’ signature platters, followed by a leisurely dinner…

…and home while there is still some evening to enjoy before one’s own fire.