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Walk down to a stream, see crystal-clear water

by 30 Oct 2007Sedimentation0 comments

Forum South-East Asian Survey Congress

My name is Lottie Thompson.

Lottie Thompson

Infiltration Concern: Lottie Thompson tells the South-East Asian Survey Congress, ‘When I first started Waicare I did not think we could make a difference’ photographer Richard Bromley

I’m eleven years old and I live in the Mahurangi Catchment. I’m here to represent my district, Rodney. We are here to share what we do to help our area.

My passions are horses and the environment.

When I first started Waicare I did not think we could make a difference. But now I know we can. Right now we are going to share with you ideas about how to help our catchments. This is an international problem and we all need to work together to make a difference.

Now, I bet I’ve you all wondering, what is she talking about? What I am talking about is making sure we keep our streams and waterways healthy. We would like to offer a few tips that will help us become a ‘stream smart’ society.

  1. When you survey a property with a waterway running through it, you might want to consider where the water comes from and flows to. It might flow to a third-order stream or even a harbour. If we want a sustainable society we should take into consideration our waterways. Far too much sediment is entering our waterways. We need our waterways for drinking water, washing, feeding plants and animals, recreational purposes and more. So why don’t we do something about our diminishing clean water supply.
  2. Another point I would recommend is low impact design. Low impact design can help minimize the negative effects on our streams and harbour. It helps ensure that we sustain our reserves and green spaces even if there are houses nearby. Yes, even if the land plots will be a little bit smaller we can still have the beauty of our country.
  3. How about organising a forum with your community? If a company is thinking of planning a huge development ask your community what they think. Some people like my friends and I do not really like some of the things companies are doing to our catchments. And your community will feel appreciated if you do hold forums, also their ideas may help.

But in other cases streams, rivers, catchments, riparian zones, are being destroyed by people and big mechanical machines. The rivers have no way to stop this happening. We need to help them. So please, just think before you act…

…what are we doing to help our society?

Lottie Thompson’s Vision

To be able to walk down to a stream, see no houses or development on the riparian zone, see crystal clear water and healthier catchments, also to be able to maintain this beauty.

Stream Rescue Team


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