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Draft action plan stocktake review preview

by 27 Jul 2008Action plan planning, Brainstorming breakfasts0 comments

Christine Rose

Early Bird: Now that regional councillor Christine Rose has admitted to being an early riser, the breakfast club will be less hesitatant in extending invitations. photographer Bevan Woodward

Friday’s breakfast will preview the Auckland Regional Council’s draft review of the Mahurangi Action Plan.

This is set to be the best attended breakfast since the 11 July discussion of Settlements of the Future. Mahurangi Action Plan project leader Kim Morresey, regional councillor Christine Rose, and Rachael Trotman will be attending.

Project leader says it has been decided to call the work commissioned from evaluation consultant Rachael Trotman a stocktake review, with its key purpose being to ‘inform’ the future of the Mahurangi Action Plan beyond June 2009, as well as any similar projects the regional council might initiate.

Ms Morresey says the stocktake review will cover

  1. Mahurangi Action Plan’s intentions
  2. What is has achieved to July 2008, and what is planned to June 2009
  3. What has not been addressed by Mahurangi Action Plan to date
  4. Strengths, weaknesses, what could have been done differently, challenges
  5. Summary of key lessons from Mahurangi Action Plan to inform decision-making and how similar projects could be tackled in the future
  6. What we don’t know about Mahurangi Action Plan and options to fill those gaps—if necessary.

Further, Ms Morresey says

Building on the work undertaken by Annette Lees and Janet Cole in March, we are keen to receive some feedback from those who will be attending the breakfast on the 1 August on the above points.

The Lees and Cole report has not been provided to Friends of the Mahurangi but it is thought to recommend a broader process than the Mahurangi Action Plan but for the action plan itself to be continued by the regional council with a close focus on riparian protection.