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The strength of hope-based networks

by 18 Mar 2009Action plan planning0 comments



Marquee Metaphor: From the three-minute slide show introduction to the 16 March Mahurangi Initiative forum, but changing ‘Network of Stakeholders’ to ‘Hope-Based Network’. artist Philip Kilmore Graphic Cimino Cole

Thanks for the opportunity to attend the Mahurangi Initiative forum.

It was a great gathering, very interesting and I echo Marcus Shipton’s comments—a great group of people all positively engaged in the important subjects at hand affecting our beautiful harbour.

I feel that the forum is an innovative and constructive way for diverse individuals, and representatives of agencies and groups to get together to discuss issues of common interest.

It is very effective in that people are free to exchange ideas creatively, like a friendly brainstorm or cross-fertilisation of ideas, and without recourse to playing politics or hierarchical or trumping behaviour. It means that the ‘network of stakeholders’ who attend can come without baggage for a friendly and open exchange of ideas—an ideal democracy and a model for the discussion and resolution of other ideas. (The strength of ‘hope-based networks’ rather than ‘interest-based networks’, in political science lingo.)

Of course it helps to have an open-minded and committed facilitator (such as yourself Cimino) and a very intelligent and well-informed group well aligned, and dedicated to the important issues. This is a constructive model and bodes well for working through the challenges we face.

Commendations to all involved, it was a pleasure to take part.

Most enjoyable!

Councillor Christine Rose is Rodney representative for Auckland Regional Council, chair of transport and urban development, chair of regional land transport committee and deputy chair of parks and heritage.


Editor’s note It is envisaged that the facilitator role will float between stakeholders. Jim Dollimore has undertaken to facilitate the 8 June Mahurangi Initiative forum on behalf of the harbour’s oyster farmers.