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Does ‘Mahurangi Network’, ‘Mahurangi Plan’ float your punt?

by 26 Mar 2009Action plan planning0 comments

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If Mahurangi Network, Mahurangi Plan, works for you, read no further.

Simon James at oars of Penelope

Revivalist: Simon James at the oars of the Penelope, the first completed of two Mahurangi punts he constructed with boatbuilder Kerry Miller. image Miller Family

If it really floats your Mahurangi punt, e-mail your support, but you might want to hold off, at least until seeing the three options below.

Jim Dawson and Mark Kirby were sufficiently disconcerted by the Initiative Strategy part of Mahurangi Initiative Strategy, to write to the Mahurangi Magazine, indicating there must be many more for which those two words don’t work.

Starting with the givens, two key names are needed:

  1. A name for the collaborative hope-based Mahurangi network
  2. A name for the plan that the network produces.

‘Mahurangi Initiative Strategy’ was an attempt to positively link the network, presently-termed the Mahurangi Initiative, to the plan. A more descriptive option might be:

Mahurangi Network; Mahurangi Network Plan

But while Mahurangi Network might work in a similar but more descriptive way to Mahurangi Initiative, Mahurangi Network Plan might conjure up infrastructure—a Mahurangi water reticulation network, for example. The alternative would be to simply rely on ‘Mahurangi’ to provide the link:

Mahurangi Network; Mahurangi Plan

In written use, Mahurangi Plan would often be subtitled in some way that spelt out the link, for example:

Mahurangi Plan: Collaboratively developed by the Mahurangi Network.

Likewise the Mahurangi Network could be subtitled with the initiative’s goal:

Mahurangi Network: Restoring and enjoying the Mahurangi.

To facilitate feedback, the following email links will do most of the work for you:

Regarding the goals of the network and plan, ‘restoring and enjoying the Mahurangi’ is enjoying certain support. While it is acknowledged that the network is also involved with protection (environmental), and adaptation (to climate change), the goal needs only to evoke those things.

Meantime, restoring, or restoration, squarely addresses the main job of work to be done in the Mahurangi catchment, provided we stretch restoration to also embrace continuous cover indigenous forestry, for example. Any further thoughts on a five-word goal?