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Remember, remember Pūhoi Fire Station 5 November

by 30 Oct 2016Events0 comments

Rendering of Pūhoi’s new fire station

Remember, Remember: Always ready to go the extra mile, not only does the Pūhoi Rural Fire Force provide Mahurangi West with a life-saving first-response service, the crew is turning out on Saturday morning to help with the annual working bee at the Mahurangi West Hall. Some residents will consider redirecting a year’s fireworks budget to helping ensure the Pūhoi Fire Station can be opened fully functioning a sound, and quieter investment. And some of those, when deciding how much to donate, may quickly calculate what kicking a $100-a-year fireworks habit might save them over a lifetime, and invest some or all of that now, to see the job finished once and for all. rendering Ian Creusen-Foot

Anyone planning to, should do it Guy Fawkes weekend.

And not just because investing this year’s fireworks budget in Pūhoi’s new fire station is the sane thing to do.

The Pūhoi Fire Station Givealittle campaign, technically, is an ‘open cause’ that runs until 31 May 2017. However, rather than have it drag on for another seven months, a ‘Givealittle-athon’, climaxing on 5–6 November, is underway. Here’s why:

  1. The funding heavy lifting has happened, but help is needed to finish the job, so that as soon as the building is complete, a fully operational fire station can be opened; so, to help this happen,
  2. Donations of $25 or more made between now and the end of Guy Fawkes weekend attract a reward.

When donating, those wishing to receive a reward will need to provide their details for an e-receipt, and check the ‘Share my details with Pūhoi Volunteer Rural Fire Force’ box.

Donate now, or check out the rewards below—you can even suggest a reward!


Givealittle-athon rewards offered

Although this rewards offer officially ended 13 November 2016, the Pūhoi Fire Station Givealittle cause continues until 31 May 2017 and more help is certainly needed



Mahurangi West Wing two-night stay in the critically acclaimed West Wing, with breakfast provisions. Current value is $350–$390, depending on season, and is offered to reward a donation of $750 or more.

Te Muri Ridge two-day stay at The Barn—private, secluded luxury apartment accommodation with breakfast provisions. Current value is $500–550, depending on season, and is offered to reward a donation of now only $1000 or more

The Cottage three-night weekend. The cottage is a fully-equipped, self-contained modern building that sleeps two, and looks out over the the Mahurangi Harbour. For more information and images, contact themacphersons@gmail.com. The offer is valued at $600 and is offered for a donation of $750 to the Pūhoi Fire Station Givealittle-athon

Tu Ngutu Villa overnight stay at the unobtrusively magnificent Tu Ngutu Villa—private, incomparable accommodation with breakfast provisions. Value depends on season—but don’t even ask—is offered to reward a donation of $2000 or more



Junction magazinethird-page display advertisement to largest pledge



Junction magazine Remember, Remember Pūhoi Fire Station 5 November

Mahurangi Matters Pūhoi Fire Campaign Rekindled

Rodney Times Pūhoi Firefighters Drive for Permanent Home


Café life

Pūhoi Cottage Tearooms tea or coffee, at the very least

Pūhoi Hotel tea or coffee—love to make it a beer, but licensing laws prohibit…

Pūhoi Store tea or coffee, and at least one serving of their signature oysters and chips

Pūhoi Valley Café & Cheese Store tea or coffee, and possibly more


Professional services

D H Wright Plumbing will reward the donor of $5000 or more, by fixing any of the donor’s dripping taps, and plumbing the new Pūhoi Fire Station free of charge!

Pūhoi River Motors free warrant-of-fitness check, value $55



General While it is hoped that every donation of more than $25 on Guy Fawkes weekend will qualify for something, rewards will be available on a first-donor-first-served basis, to those meeting the qualifications of the reward provider. These conditions will be further detailed before 5 November.

  • Offer or suggest a Pūhoi Fire Station Givealittle-athon reward