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Introduction to Mahurangi surveys and settlement

Rejected as the site for the capital, Mahurangi was seen as desirable for rural settlement. All the coast from Te Ārai to the Waitematā was purchased in 1841. After concessions to the local tribes, the surveys went ahead, and Mahurangi Harbour land sales began in…

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Never-to-be-made-official surveyor-general calls

Scribblings in the diaries of missionary visitors have been presented here in full, because although brief, they are valuable records. These transients were too busy to explore or to eulogise during their brief rests at Mahurangi Harbour, in the course of long and arduous…

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Surveyor-general consulted character of the land

Ronald Locker’s dismissive description of Felton Mathew’s plan for “The Town of Auckland”, as “grandiose and impractical”, adds to the unfortunate injustice referred to by editor of the surveyor-general’s journals, Professor James Rutherford: “Since it has become…

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Founder of Mahurangi tidehead town

Warkworth, Aotearoa, had its beginnings in a water-powered sawmill, the first in the Mahurangi. Its proprietor, John Anderson Brown, thus became successor in the local timber industry to his near namesake, Gordon Browne. Unlike his predecessor he was no transient; there…

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